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We all agree that the recession has affected our

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-24

But there are a few things that we cannot give up. Coffee is on top of the list for the obvious reason that it perks up our bodies and minds to face the joys and challenges of the day ahead. So, if there are indulgences we cannot let go of, then coffee is it!

You don't have to feel guilty about your coffee indulgence, fortunately. There are many ways to enjoy your cup of preferred java on a daily basis and yet avoid overspending on your habit.

Obviously, your first step is to stop buying brewed coffee and other prepared espresso beverages from cafes! Let's do the math here. If you are buying two venti mochas a day for $4.50 each order, this will translate to $63 a week or more than $3,000 a year just for takeout coffee!

The amount does not even include the money spent on petrol to drive to and from the cafe as well as the lost productivity time lining up to get your order. Just imagine your savings if you can stop indulging in these beverages.

So, what do we suggest you do to continue indulging in your favourite cup of coffee sans the dependence on the cafes? Go for a coffee maker coupled with your choice of beans, be it for espresso, Indonesian blend or Cuban variety, among others.

You will then be able to make your own coffee right in the comfort of your own home at any time you desire. No gas expenses, no crowds and certainly no pricey blends! Keep in mind that the coffee and its various permutations you buy from a cafe can be made at home with none of the added dollars necessary to make a profit.

Well, of course, you must experiment with the machine and the blend before you can equal the quality of the cafe-bought beverage. The good news is that you may take just a couple of experimentation when you have a high quality, super-automatic machine. Even a semi-automatic coffee maker is a great tool for making excellent espresso.

We suggest the Gaggia coffee maker because of its excellent features. Just place the coffee beans in the appropriate slot and the coffee machine will do everything necessary to make the perfect espresso. It's as hands-off as you can possibly get and still enjoy your health drink. Yes, coffee has many health benefits including boosting cognitive functioning, lessening the risks for chronic degenerative diseases and even fighting dental caries.

You can also save on the costs of coffee machines by looking for package deals and bargain sales on these kitchen appliances. You will be surprised at the amount of money that will be in your bank by cutting corners on your coffee habit without necessarily giving up on the delicious flavours that the brown liquid can bring.

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