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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-16
Plastic and paper products are widely used in our lives. For example, we usually use washbasins and water cups. These plastic products and paper products require a fully automatic labeling machine to affix product signs, and the product signs are basically plastic film or paper. The film sub-labeling machine studied in this project can automatically separate the stacked films or papers and inject them into the basin and water cup. So as to solve the current situation that the film must be twisted from the top to the bottom of each layer with the help of manpower. And relying on this technological advantage, design a new business model, with its late-comer advantage, occupy the film splitting industry. The film labeling machine developed by the company is independently researched and developed, which can suck the separated film into the injection molding machine, and inject the film with the product logo and the plastic products together. Specifically, it includes a roller, which can roll along a first linear direction, and can roll up at least a part of the film in contact when rolling along a plurality of films stacked together. The operating roller rolls along several films stacked together. The film in contact with it is pressed against the roller by the pressure of the roller, and is adhered to the roller when the roller rolls, and then is rolled up at least partly as the roller rolls. And separated from the remaining membrane below. By using the film sub-labeling machine of the technical solution, the stacked films can be separated mechanically, and each film does not need to be twisted open with fingers by manpower, which has high film separation efficiency and saves time and effort. Eventually realize intelligent production. Intelligent monitoring and statistics are possible at any time: production status reminder, multiple counting and statistics methods, optional centralized console, multiple devices are networked, centralized and statistics, convenient for one person to manage multiple production equipment monitoring. Can realize no manual production: multiple manipulators and conveying equipment can be selected to realize unmanned automatic production line.
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