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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-23
Since the reform and opening up, following the rise of the packaging industry, the label labeling machine industry has also developed rapidly. In recent years, the market demand for labeling machines has shown an unabated trend. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the labeling machine industry. my country's strong population implies huge market potential. The labeling machine industry must dare to withstand market challenges and seize the opportunity to create a world of its own. With the change of people's consumption concepts, people's requirements for the right to know products have become more and more obvious, and the degree of attention to product label information has gradually increased, which makes labeling machines almost necessary for manufacturers to produce equipment. The demand for labeling machines by enterprises has increased, and the domestic labeling machine industry has also developed to a certain extent, but we cannot ignore an important issue, which is competition from foreign products. According to statistics, my country's labeling machine exports are less than 5% of the total output value, but imports account for a larger proportion. This shows that there is still a gap between domestic labeling machines and foreign equipment. Considering how to narrow the product gap, and looking forward to the international market while grasping the domestic market, these are issues that are worth considering for domestic labeling machine companies at this stage. Analyzing from the current technical level, our country's labeling machines do not have high manufacturing technology and supporting industry support, many imitate foreign equipment, lack of independent innovation enterprises, and many companies cannot produce independent labeling machines. In addition, our country's labeling machine processing and manufacturing accuracy is not high, the appearance design is not beautiful, these will affect the final choice of customers. At present, labeling machine equipment abounds on the market, but what is lacking is equipment with high technical level, high degree of automation, and high equipment stability. Domestic labeling machine companies should seize the strong domestic market advantages, keep up with the pace of the times and continue to innovate, while meeting the needs of the company based on the actual development of the company, so as to ensure that it firmly grasps the domestic market. Bogao labeling machine manufacturers have maintained the development policy of keeping pace with the enterprise and keeping pace with the times for many years, and have been leading the domestic market with endless new labeling machine equipment. We have been constantly striving for the grand goal of the domestic labeling machine industry. struggle.
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