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Stack testing companies specialize in air emissions

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-13

While these industries must comply with the government standards for air testing, they do have options when it comes to choosing a stack testing company. There are many factors to consider when choosing a stack testing company, and we've set out to bring you the Top 12 Things To Look For in a Stack Testing Company.

1. QSTI Certified - The Source Evaluation Society (SES) has developed the Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) program to ensure that stack testing companies can demonstrate knowledge and the ability to apply source testing methods as well as fundamental engineering and chemistry principles in a consistent and professional manner.

2. ISO Compliant (QA Program) - Compliance with the Source Emission Testing Quality Assurance Program helps ensure the validity of the data generated in the course of operations.

3. NELAC Accredited - Accreditation with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (NELAC) Institute (TNI) ensures that the stack testing company meets the national standard for generating environmental data.

4. Experience in Your Industry - Check the references and background of a stack testing company to be sure that they have experience in your specific industry and equipment can ensure a more timely and cost effective result as their testing and reporting process will likely be more streamlined.

5. A Record of Success - Researching how long the stack testing company has been in operation builds confidence that you can rely on them as your go-to source emission testing partner.

6. Familiarity with Your State Regulations - Specific State regulations in the field of environmental air quality are different from one state to the next and are subject to change at any time. Make sure that your stack testing company is up-to-date on the current regulations for your particular State.

7. Cost Competitive Pricing - Compare the quotes from different stack testing companies not only on pricing, but also the comprehensive methods of analysis and data acquisition. Cost is an important consideration, but before you go with the lowest bidder review the proposals to make sure that the low cost does not mean that you sacrifice quality of service.

8. Safety Record - Safety is an issue and responsibility for both the stack testing company and the client themselves. Check the safety record of the company you're researching so you can be confident in the quality and safety of your operation.

9. Rapid Mobilizations - How accessible is your stack testing company? Make sure they can get to your site as quickly as possible when needed.

10. Turn-around time on Results - Look for safe and reliable on-site labs and mobile data analysis to be sure that you're getting the best turnaround time on your air testing results.

11. Clear, Concise, Correct Reporting - Accurate and reliable test reports are crucial, so you can understand, evaluate, and process the data results in a manner relevant to your particular company and industry.

12. Familiarity with EPA Electronic Reporting - Electronic reporting that can be uploaded, downloaded, and updated is more than a convenience in this era of air quality compliance. Your business depends on the data contained in these reports and accessing it in an electronic format is critical to your business operations.

As you can see, there are many elements involved in choosing the right stack testing company for your needs. We've highlighted some of the most important factors that you want to consider in your research. These factors affect the success of your business, the safety and reliability of your operation, and the health of our environment. Stack testing may be a requirement, but the quality of service and the results you receive are factors well within your control.

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