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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-17
With the advancement of the times, people’s requirements have become higher and higher. In today’s artificial intelligence social environment, everything must be efficient, high-quality, high-yield, and low-cost. The same applies to bottle labeling. Is it good? Fast? It directly affects the grade and image of the product, and ultimately affects the sales and price of the product. So what kind of bottle can be labeled by a labeling machine? The answer is basically it can be achieved. Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers have been engaged in the research of labeling technology for ten years, and have encountered all kinds of strange bottle shapes. They have developed vertical labeling machines, horizontal labeling machines, and round bottle labeling. Machine, flat bottle labeling machine, square bottle labeling machine, etc. Here are the realization methods of various bottle types and the models that have been successfully developed. Small bottles: such as 2ml, 5ml ampoules, vials: bottles like ampoules are thin, fragile, and easy to fall. It is very difficult to achieve high-speed and high-precision labeling. Bogao marks the vertical The small round bottle labeling machine series is specially developed for this type of bottle. It overcomes the difficulty of pouring and fragile and reaches the speed of 300~700 bottles per minute. Today, many domestic labeling machine manufacturers worship products. Taper bottle: This type of bottle is labeled with a labeling machine, and it often has bubbles and wrinkles. It is not easy to paste a good effect. The Bogao logo cone labeling machine adopts a patented independent spring block structure This problem is solved very well. Special-shaped bottle: The shape of this bottle is very individual, but it is a big technical challenge for the labeling machine. Generally, labeling machine companies that do not have the ability to research and develop dare not accept orders for this kind of equipment. This type of bottle is for us. Say it’s not a problem, as long as you provide us with samples and labels, we can design a perfect solution for you to realize automatic labeling. Square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle: It can be realized by manufacturers of general labeling machines such as square bottle labeling, round bottle labeling, and flat bottle labeling, but how good is the labeling? Is the device stable and unstable? Can one machine be used for multiple purposes? You have to consider these three points. Although the price of the labeling machine should be considered, the performance is more important. Don't buy it back and use it for a month or two and it will become scrap iron. It is recommended that you check it out. Reality.
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