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Someone once said, 'Privacy, like breathing and eating

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-12

We all would like to feel comfortable in the privacy of our own homes. After all, there is a reason why people have different houses to live in. Sometimes, you will find yourself craving for alone-time. But how can you lie down in peace while there are eyes watching you at all times?

Get up and buy some curtains! Decorating your house starts with choosing the right curtain. For that, first you need to choose the fabric. Why is it so important to get the right type of curtain? This is because it totally depends on what you want to use it for. While selecting your curtain fabrics, you are not bound to the word curtain. You can pick any type of material to use for this. The main idea is to allow your curtains to match with the rest of your decor.

You can begin with fabrics available in the market. There are sheer or net curtains which are nothing but white lace materials used for the day-time. This prevents people from peeping into your home while you can view the outside as well as allow the sunlight to come in. These types of fabric offer no or very less heat insulation due to its loosely woven nature. The next level, of heat absorbing material, is uncoated curtains. These are opaque materials which are woven in such a way that light passes through but neither can you see the outside nor people can see you from the outside. Curtains to be used in the night are coated curtains with a rubber lining to prevent any kind of light from passing through. Basically, the thicker the curtain, the better the privacy.

After choosing the type of curtain fabric, you need to decide on the color of the same. The markets have a wide range of shades of various colors to select from. For a simple architectural look, bright colors are a good choice. But for a colorful look, dark colors would do the trick. Blinds also can be used for covering your windows. There is cloth, wooden and steel type of blinds to choose from. These are limited compared to the choice you have in curtain cloth fabrics.

While ordering for the material, be sure to measure your area accordingly. You can have folds to fall to have a homely look, or none at all to have a straight elegant look. Personally, I would recommend you to request for samples before buying the whole roll. Sometimes, what looks good on paper may not really be the one you want hanging in your dining room. If you have a sample in hand, you can check the elasticity, strength, thickness, color, moisture absorbency and other thermal properties if you're a real perfectionist. A tip: Thermal lining in your bedroom curtains will not only keep your crib dark and cosy, but also allow it to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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