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Solutions to common failures of labeling machines-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-19
u200bu200bBasically every product in our lives can be labeled with a label, so using a labeling machine for labeling is a must for every product. We need this equipment to work during production, so equipment failure handling methods What is it? These experience summaries are worthy of everyone to learn! The common troubleshooting methods of the labeling machine are the startup non-response solutions: 1. Make sure that the power cord is correct. 2. Make sure that the fuse next to the power socket is intact. If it is burned out, please replace it. 3. The internal wiring of the electric box may be loose, please repair by professionals. 4. If the relay is damaged, replace the 24V relay. The common fault of the labeling machine is to deal with the crooked label: 1. The paper limit position is not adjusted properly, and readjust to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding. 2. If the product is not set up, replay the product. 3. The support rod is not parallel to the axis of the bottle, and the bottle deviates during rotation. Adjust the parallelism to ensure that the rotation of the bottle does not deviate. The common failures of the labeling machine are: 1. The glue is too thin. When the label passes through the drive shaft, the glue flows out to the drive shaft. 2. Too much glue, adjust the distance between the scraper block and the rubber coating wheel. Common fault 4: The labeling machine does not feed paper smoothly. Solution: 1. The paper limit is adjusted too tightly, and the limit block should be re-adjusted. 2. If the paper claws are stuck, clean the paper claws. 3. To separate too many sheets, adjust the gap between the separation wheel and the separation platform. Common fault five: the labeling machine motor keeps rotating. Processing method: 1. Generally, the label measurement sensor detects abnormality and the label cannot be identified. Then you need to observe whether the passing position of the label is detected by the target sensor. Or the sensor has been damaged, then you need to replace the sensor with a new one. 2. The speed of the motor separating the label is too fast, and there is no gap between the label and the label, which interferes with the detection. We can adjust by reducing the speed of the motor. Have you learned the solutions to common failures of labeling machines? The labeling machines we produce are all good equipment that has undergone many experiments by Ru0026D personnel to carry out improvements. They are suitable for labeling of various shapes and appearances, such as round bottles, wrapping paper, cartons, and so on. You can choose our blog. High-standard automatic labeling machine, a labeling machine can perform various labeling! Let you save plant space, improve work efficiency, and save production equipment!u200bu200bu200bu200b
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