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Snacks lead a new trend in the development of food automatic labeling machine manufacturers

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-02
Nowadays, small-label foods are increasing year by year in the food market. Such as small packets of snacks, small bottles of liquor, small labelled rice, etc., products that are popular among consumers. According to relevant data, small packets of mixed nuts occupy a quarter of the snack market, and consumers love it very highly. The sales of small-labeled foods such as small bottles of liquor and small bags of tea have also shown a significant upward trend, which has further stimulated the growth of sales of automatic food labeling machines. The advantages of small-labeled foods are that they occupy a small space and are convenient to store; they have less content and are quick to use, reducing waste caused by expiration. Small labelled foods can solve these troubles, a small package can easily solve them, and you are not afraid of burdens after eating, satisfying modern people's pursuit of a healthy life. Facing the needs of the food market, food machinery used for small-labeled food processing is also undergoing reform and innovation. Many related companies have introduced equipment dedicated to small-labeled food. Small labeling machine is one of them. It uses four seals to label small labelled snacks such as chicken feet, duck necks, dried fish, and braised eggs. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and complies with relevant national safety standards. The labeling machine can automatically complete labeling, sealing and other processes according to the program. The four-seal working form can also improve work efficiency and increase output. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with moving and braking devices, which are flexible in movement and stable in placement. Bogao logo labeling equipment believes that in addition to machinery that specializes in the production of small-labeled food, related companies can also innovate those equipment that was originally used for large-scale labeling. Improve the precision and accuracy of labeling and other equipment, so that it can not only realize the large-scale labeling production method, but also adapt to the small-label production, save enterprise costs, and realize one machine with multiple uses. The wind direction of the food market always changes with the needs of consumers, and consumers' love for small packages of food is destined to expand this market. To this end, relevant food machinery companies must also accelerate the pace of development and innovation, keep up with the trend, and seize business opportunities. Further expand the market share of snacks.
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