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Smart labels began to be widely used

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-14
Traditional barcode labels are widely used in all walks of life because of their convenience and speed and certain anti-counterfeiting functions. However, with people's demand for higher and more complete information in many aspects such as the production, storage and transportation, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting, and management of commodities, the traditional bar code labels are obviously unable to do so. With the advancement of science and technology and the application of labeling machine manufacturers in the field of label production, a brand-new, multi-functional, and good anti-counterfeiting smart label (electronic label) has begun to be widely used, which will bring to the label printing industry New vigor and vitality. At present, with the development of automatic identification technology, people have shifted their sight from the traditional one-dimensional bar code to the two-dimensional bar code and even electronic labels. The development of labels has provided us with very good modern information technology methods. In the market application of food and medicine, labels are very valuable and useful. Its advantages are: each product has a unique number, which cannot be copied, and prevents counterfeiting; the anti-counterfeiting feature code is unique and cannot be changed or denied; the label and the anti-counterfeit article cannot be peeled off, otherwise the label will fail: multiple encryption to ensure data security; waterproof and anti-magnetic , Flexible, strong adaptability; use non-contact reading and writing, data can be stored for a long time; a variety of packaging forms, easy to embed and adhere to the product, flexible production and printing; lightweight, flexible, easy to use; readers can read at the same time Write multiple labels; it can be identified and read and written repeatedly; the reading and writing equipment is simpler and easier to use than magnetic strips, barcodes, etc.; cost-effective, flexible, and upgradeable than any other technology; it can record intermediate information during commodity circulation, Realize supply chain tracking and tracing. Fully automatic labeling machine manufacturers feel that compared with traditional identification methods, electronic labels are widely used in logistics, transportation, manufacturing, medical drugs, anti-counterfeiting, etc., with their accurate methods, high anti-counterfeiting functions, and real-time monitoring of products. Industry in demand.
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