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Simple explanation of the price definition of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-23
In order to liberate our hands, human beings are increasingly moving towards automation and artificial intelligence products. The common barcode labels in our lives are also very common. Labeling is a transitional extension of manual and automatic products. Machines are generally used to replace humans. The emergence of semi-automatic and then fully automatic has liberated the labeling production efficiency and injected new vitality into the packaging industry. Labeling machine manufacturers have also sprung up. The domestic market for labeling machines is relatively large, and labeling machine manufacturers are also located in various regions. More and more people are beginning to want to understand the principle of automatic labeling machine, and ask about the price of automatic labeling machine. So how much does an automatic labeling machine cost? The so-called 'outsiders watch the excitement, the insiders watch the doorway.' The following Bogao logo will discuss this issue with you. And users are most concerned about the price of the automatic labeling machine. How much is the automatic labeling machine? Next, let’s take a look at this problem! There are many types of automatic labeling machines, and the prices of different varieties are different. The same reason is that the prices of cars of different brands and models are different. Looking at the entire automatic labeling machine market, the prices of different manufacturers are even more different. The core factor that causes the price difference of automatic labeling machine: the advanced or backward technology content affects the price of automatic labeling machine. Automatic labeling machines are mostly customized on demand. The stable performance requires a mature technical team to perfectly combine advanced technical means and applications, so that the machinery produced can be of high quality, good labeling effect, high precision, and attractive appearance. . For the recruitment and training of technical talents, it takes a large amount of money to operate. The better the skills, the higher the staff costs. The so-called so-called more capable people are the reason. This is one of them. Second, the use of parts and core components of the fully automatic automatic labeling machine is also the cause of the difference in machine cost. A good automatic labeling machine should not only be reflected in the advanced structure, technology, and performance, but also in the entire sales service level. In particular, the thoughtful, quick response and timely solution of after-sales service are the primary considerations for purchasing equipment. And this is also a factor that affects the price of automatic labeling machines. Customers who have bought equipment hope to have a good after-sales service, because equipment failures need to be solved by technical personnel. Only a good after-sales service level and team are the prerequisites for rest assured purchase. Non-standard customization, higher prices. The so-called non-standard, that is, the manufacturer’s standard model is not suitable for normal labeling production. It requires the manufacturer to invest in technical personnel to re-develop and evaluate the feasibility of the labeling scheme. This requires the cooperation of the entire automatic labeling machine manufacturer. The technical cost is higher, and the price will be higher than the standard machine. Regarding the technology development cost invested by each company, each calculation method is different, and the price difference is even more. Let's look at these three aspects again: 1. Let's first understand the advantages of the automatic labeling machine in the market. Automatic labeling machines are divided into automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines. The automatic labeling machine is a labeling process that is fully machine-operated, and the semi-automatic labeling machine also requires manual operation. Compared with the manual labeling machine, the automatic labeling machine can be intelligently controlled and has strong stability. It can affix multiple labels at one time, simplify the process, improve production efficiency, and save you a lot of time. Moreover, it has a relatively high accuracy, which can meet the needs of high-precision labeling, highlight the excellent quality of the product, and improve competitiveness. Like our common precision labeling of electronic components and digital products, such as SD card, mobile phone battery, FPC, mobile phone charger labeling, etc. Now you should have a systematic understanding of the automatic labeling machine, right? There are many kinds of automatic labeling machines, each of which has its own functions and characteristics, and the price difference is several times or even dozens of times. Therefore, 'how much is an automatic labeling machine' is a broad question. 2. Why are the prices quoted by different manufacturers different? Everyone will be wondering, why are the prices given by consulting various manufacturers different? This is because the parts of the automatic labeling machine, the selection of the core processor PLC, the brand of the labeling machine, the accuracy and speed of the automatic labeling machine will all affect the price of the labeling machine to varying degrees. A labeling machine manufacturer with high-end technology, its labeling machine is of course better than other labeling machines in terms of quality and efficiency, so the price is slightly higher than other labeling machines. 3. Choose the manufacturer carefully. If the customer wants to know the price of the labeling machine, it is best to send the labeling samples and samples to the manufacturer for evaluation and testing, so as to get a more realistic quotation. Choosing a professional and reputable manufacturer is also a great guarantee for your products. Don't worry about unnecessary losses due to equipment quality problems. For machinery and equipment, you need relevant technical personnel to solve it. A reputable after-sales team It is also very important. Has 15 years of industry experience in barcode equipment products, has a full range of barcode equipment products, and has a rich production line. It can customize a variety of automatic labeling machine products for different companies and provide high-quality services. Welcome people from all walks of life to inquire!
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