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Share the detailed process of automatic labeling machine labeling-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-09
How does the automatic labeling machine label? Many friends are looking for this answer on the Internet. As a labeling machine manufacturer, Bogao Logo can give you a simple and easy-to-understand answer. The labeling of the automatic labeling machine is completed by the three processes of peeling-labeling-over-labeling. The whole process needs to be realized by the following physical organizations. Before we talk about this, we need to understand the characteristics of the following label. Automatic labeling machine labels are mainly self-adhesive labels. The finished label is in rolls, and a large roll of continuous labels is wound on a paper tube. The label has two layers. The label itself is one layer. The second time is a material called Glassine paper. The labels are evenly arranged on the bottom paper with equal gaps, which ensures the accuracy of labeling. . The glassine bottom paper of the label is a kind of oily bottom paper. The label can be pasted on the bottom paper, but the adhesive layer of the label will not be affected when the label is removed, just like our double-sided tape. Next, let's talk about how to apply labels. Our label is mounted on the header, which is driven by a motor. The header completes the label peeling (the label is peeled from the bottom paper), the label delivery (the stripped label needs to be sent to the back-labeled product) and the recycling bottom. Paper process. The label stripping mechanism of the header is a piece of metal, and the front end is a blunt blade similar to a side opening. The label folds in half around it, pull the label forward, the label will be separated from the backing paper and peeled off. After peeling, due to the adhesiveness of the entire label and the backing paper, in the process of continuous movement, this adhesiveness is a kind of stable force to send the label to the item to be labeled. The label was peeled off and delivered to the labeled product. All that is left is to cover the entire label on the product, which is called overlabeling. Labeling is a moving process. Different models have different conditions. We will take two types of round bottle and flat labeling machines to illustrate. Flat-type labeling machine, after the label is sent to the product, the product continues to move forward, and the label follows the product to move forward, so that the label is covered. The round bottle labeling machine, how is a rotating mechanism to apply the label, think about it, the round bottle keeps rotating on the labeling mechanism, the stripped label sticks to the product, and the rotation of the bottle rotates with the label. Up.
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