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Shanghai labeling machine achieves difficult packaging requirements and is invincible-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01
With the continuous advancement of national policies, my country's pharmaceutical industry has ushered in new development opportunities. However, labels provide consumers with descriptions of product information and characteristics, and are also an effective way for consumers to intuitively understand the ingredients and characteristics of products. With the growth of demand in the pharmaceutical market, new development opportunities will also appear in the labeling machine industry. According to the industry, after several eliminations, only the fully automatic labeling machine is still invincible in the packaging market. As the name implies, the automatic labeling machine automatically pastes the label on the object to be labeled by the labeling equipment. The automatic labeling machine is used to label the upper surface of various items. Not only is the equipment excellent, but the products posted are very personalized, which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy.     Nowadays, labeling machines have been widely used in medicine, daily chemical, food, beverage and other industries, and have a very good market response. With the rise of labeling equipment in the packaging industry, more and more people are paying attention to fully automatic labeling machines, and their functions are constantly improving.     It is reported that the Shanghai labeling machine uses a roll-on method to complete the labeling process. The self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of clean and hygienic, non-mold, beautiful and firm after labeling, will not fall off by itself, and high production efficiency. The product can be attached to the single side of round bottle, single side, double side, three sides of square bottle, and single side and double side of flat bottle. It has a wide range of application and strong adaptability. The special correction mechanism ensures the rapid and stable correction. And accurate; transparent label does not blisters, self-adhesive label does not wrinkle; suitable for servo motor, high speed, high precision, high stability; using Japanese servo motor, high speed, high stability and high performance; high precision, transparent label does not Foaming, it can be attached to single, double and three sides of various containers, and it has a wide range of applications.     Shanghai labeling machine through continuous innovation, the production of fully automatic labeling machine can help companies improve production line efficiency and productivity, and reduce labor costs. The labeling speed of the fully automatic labeling machine produced by it can reach 0.8---1.5 seconds per month; it can solve the problem of machine linking to the database and realize the bar code control; it can realize the production line automation to achieve the rapid transformation of the enterprise. As the forms of pharmaceutical packaging on the market become more and more diversified, labeling has begun to be divided into grades, and people’s aesthetic needs are gradually increasing. The labeling machine industry urgently needs to put more thoughts on labeling machine equipment and continue to strengthen technology Innovate to achieve difficult packaging requirements. In addition, in terms of the safety and efficacy of medicines, the most direct way for consumers to understand this way is to obtain information through the packaging of medicines. For example, when a certain manufacturer launches a new product, the label information on the packaging appears very Important, so the automatic labeling machine in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment plays a very important role in it.     It is understood that ten years ago, the labeling machine industry in my country lacked core technology and had a single product, which has been ignored in the international market. For this reason, some leading companies in the industry specialize in the 'research' and 'quality' of labeling machines. They have worked hard on the stability, reliability, and practicability of their products, and have gradually achieved results, formed their own competitive advantages, and gained international market acceptance. Recognition and trust.  With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the labeling of medicines has also received more and more attention. Demand stimulates industrial development, and innovation drives industrial upgrading. my country’s labeling machines have evolved from scratch, from manual, semi-automatic, to automated high-speed, which reflects the development of the entire packaging machinery industry to a certain extent, and also demonstrates the immeasurable development of my country’s pharmaceutical machinery industry. Potential and prospects. With the continuous improvement of automatic labeling machine technology, it will play an increasingly important role in pharmaceutical packaging.
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