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Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-05
The coding machine is also called a printing machine, and its price ranges from a few hundred yuan to two to three thousand yuan, and it is a semi-automatic mechanism. It is basically divided into two categories, one is suitable for plastic bags, cartons, and stickers, and the other is suitable for special-shaped objects such as bottles and cans. They can only be used to identify simple production dates, shelf life, expiration dates, or batch numbers. The advantages of this coding machine are: low price, cheap consumables, and no maintenance. The disadvantages are: you can't change the code, you can't make a few points, it is selective to the printed packaging, and it can only be suitable for occasions where the output is not large and the speed is not high. The coding machine used in the matching labeling machine should be considered: 1. Production efficiency, according to the output, to choose the corresponding coding mechanism. 2. The content of coding, if it is a code change, it must be realized by coding. 3. The degree of automation of the labeling machine, consider whether it is adequately matched. 4. Consider the applicable materials: A, paper boxes, plastic bags, stickers and other soft material coding machines. This type of material is mostly coded with ribbons and ink rollers. B. Hard materials such as bottles, cans and boxes. This kind of material mostly uses ink coding machine, stencil printing or pneumatic coding. In general, the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine or semi-automatic flat labeling machine is only suitable for small batches and variable labeling requirements. The labeling speed is not high. It can match a simple coding mechanism and fully automatic labeling. The marking machine can choose a high-speed coding mechanism.
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