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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-04
The level of automation technology of the semi-automatic labeling machine has been improved a lot, but its potential safety hazards should not be underestimated, otherwise it may still cause accidents. In order to ensure that the semi-automatic labeling machine can complete the labeling work safely, efficiently and steadily, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job of safety protection methods for it, on the other hand, it is also necessary to properly operate the machinery and equipment. In the whole process of the semi-automatic labeling machine, effective safety protection was not carried out for the entrance and exit of raw materials. It is not enough to just go through a warning and indicate that the work content that may be blocked may be stipulated. The safety application should be in the process of reducing the risk. After considering the process of listening to opinions. When maintenance personnel carry out maintenance at the bottom of the semi-automatic labeling machine, if the mechanical equipment is not set in the machine equipment to be the lock gear machine equipment, it is very easy to cause the extrusion molding hazard formed by the falling of the labeling machine equipment. Therefore, every protective device is indispensable for the semi-automatic labeling machine. Regarding the staff who turn on the interlocking power switch and enter the risk area, due to the common failures that increase the labeling, such as the cracking of the transmission chain, assuming that the labeling part of the lock gear machinery and equipment without mechanical equipment may be a check valve, it will be formed Risk of falling from the labeling method. In order to prevent such accidents, in addition to the prescribed safety protection equipment, the staff is also strictly discouraged from turning on the interlocking power switch of the semi-automatic labeling machine and entering the risk area. Every actual operation of the machine and equipment must be strict. It is carried out in accordance with the standard to facilitate the removal of safety risks. In order to reduce the probability of common failures of the labeling machine in the whole application process, it is the first to carry out inspections before the actual operating equipment is announced. It is assumed that the newly purchased labeling machine must be tested and run to ensure that the labeling machine is pure Commodity labeling will be announced when there are no problems in the trial operation. Secondly, set the main parameters on the labeling machine according to the different products that need to be labeled. Although the semi-automatic labeling machine does not require human factors to actually operate, the prerequisite is to set various main parameters, and the setting of this main parameter must be consistent with the product to be labeled. Although the semi-automatic labeling machine can complete the whole process of a series of work automatically, the support point of this kind of product is manual actual operation. Under some necessary conditions, it can undergo manual actual operation to reduce the probability of common failures, such as The length of the marking tape is not enough and it is not clear what is causing it. In this type of situation, manual tape out can be selected. In addition, if you want to reduce the common failures of the labeling machine during the entire operation process, you must pay attention to many problems. It is assumed that once a problem occurs, the switching power supply must be turned off immediately, and a technical professional will be found to carry out the inspection. The address of the problem, it does not have to be very easy to start again before the problem is completely solved.
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