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Semi-automatic labeling machine is suitable for a variety of products

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-04
Do not underestimate this semi-automatic. Although the degree of automation is not so high, many users who have used it have commented: 'The semi-automatic labeling machine is too practical. One machine can be compatible with multiple products. You only need to change the bottom mold and protect Film and simple debugging can complete the conversion. Many automatic labeling machines are for one product. For example, a product has a small order, but there are many styles and models. It can be applied to multiple products and it is really worth it!' The semi-automatic labeling machine has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, small size, easy operation and maintenance. Non-professionals can be familiar with the operation after simple guidance. The disadvantage is that the labeling speed is relatively fast. The automatic labeling machine needs to be low (the specific speed depends on the size of the label and the label) and requires manual operation. It is a good choice for some small enterprises with low production output. Yes, in fact, manufacturers who have already used equipment to replace labor have the feeling that the sooner they are worth buying, the sooner they can improve and put in the automated labeling machine, the day’s labor costs can be saved. Production-oriented enterprises can consider whether to purchase semi-automatic labeling machine or fully automatic labeling machine for their own production needs according to their own conditions, such as the labeling accuracy of the product, the output demand, and the size of the plant's financial budget, etc.
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