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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-04
Many companies and manufacturers have chosen semi-automatic labeling machines that occupies a small area and are affordable for production due to workplaces, cost budgets and other reasons. But when many people use the semi-automatic labeling machine, dust often occurs. If the phenomenon is not serious, but if it is serious, it is not only harmful to production but also harmful to the equipment. This time, let Bogao logo technicians do it. Let me explain the solution to the dust raised by the semi-automatic labeling machine. Solution 1: If the dust phenomenon of powder products is too serious, you can load a dust removal device at the unloading position of the semi-automatic labeling machine, so that the dust can be effectively adsorbed on the device when the package is labeled, thereby solving A serious problem with dust. Solution 2: Allow the unloading device to dive to the bottom of the packaging bag and start unloading, so that the phenomenon of dust will be reduced a lot. Any powder products will be more or less dusty during packaging and labeling, which is nothing more than a serious and non-serious problem. Generally, the manufacturer of the semi-automatic labeling machine will investigate your product before you buy it, and there are questions about product characteristics, such as whether it is easy to be damp, whether the dusting phenomenon is serious, etc., and then it will be based on these problems Find a suitable solution. If there is a serious problem of dust, it is generally because the manufacturer of the semi-automatic labeling machine did not carefully understand it when buying, which caused various problems during reproduction, so when buying semi-automatic When labeling machine, you must choose the right manufacturer. Bogao has more than ten years of experience in automatic labeling production, and has served 5000 customers in 80 countries and regions. With excellent performance and perfect after-sales service, it is praised by users at home and abroad. If you have semi-automatic labeling For machine-related needs or questions about use, you can call the consultation hotline on the left at any time, and we will have professional salespersons to answer all your questions.
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