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Self-adhesive labeling machine operating instructions and precautions for use-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
The self-adhesive labeling machine has excellent compatibility, practicability and stability, a unique intelligent design and a safe mode of human-machine collaboration. It has been unanimously affirmed by many customers, and its price-performance ratio is also very eye-catching in the market. Whether it is a square bottle, a round bottle, a flat bottle, a curved bottle, or a cup or can of various shapes, it can be completed with an automatic labeling machine. The self-adhesive labeling machine has a wide range of applications, such as: beverages, milk tea, alcohol, dairy products, purified water, daily chemical products, condiments, cosmetics, food, etc. What problems should be paid attention to when using the labeling machine.     1. Operational safety:      1. Ensure that only trained and authorized personnel can operate, arrange and maintain the equipment;     2, only professionals and equipment engineers can complete the layout and installation. 2. When operating the equipment, you must ensure:      1. Only after passing the professional training of the labeling machine manufacturer, can it be operated;      2. The operator must have the basic knowledge of the labeling machine to solve or adjust the equipment;      3. When using the equipment Please operate as required. 3. Use environment, can not be used in the following environments:     1. Places with rapid temperature changes;     2, places with high humidity and easy condensation;     3, places that cause equipment vibration or violent shaking during work;      4. ;     5. Places with chemical splashes;      6. Places with flammable and dangerous materials. 4. Operating instructions:      1. Before starting the equipment, check whether the bolts of each mechanism are loose;      2. After the emergency stop switch is turned on, whether the cutter mechanism will automatically find the origin;      3. Before opening, make sure that the center guide post is installed in place to avoid damage to the center Guide post and cutter;      4. After replacing the blade, please pay attention to whether the blade is too long to avoid damage to the cutter;      5. Do not reach into the cutter working area during standby or normal operation.
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