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Self-adhesive labeling machine helps brands go international

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
In this era of rapid development, the labeling machine industry is currently facing a problem that requires a transformation to internationalization. In recent years, my country's labeling machines have developed rapidly relying on the expansion of the packaging industry and have become one of the more potential fields in the machinery industry. However, the strong competitive pressure from abroad has made the development of domestic labeling machines dependent on transformation and upgrading. The foreign packaging industry relies on technological innovation, with digitalization and intelligence as the key, to seize the commanding heights of international competition, enhance the key competitiveness of economic development, and seek the initiative for future development. However, the overall technological level of my country's packaging industry is not high, the low-end enterprises are clustered, and the industry's overcapacity phenomenon is severe, which is in sharp contrast with foreign countries. The degree of intelligence of the labeling machine industry characterizes the breadth and depth of its application. The current labeling machine is still at a relatively low level of primary intelligence. The continued development of the domestic packaging industry has placed higher demands on intelligence. , Which means that we have the need and ability to combine specific application needs to make great efforts to develop intelligent labeling machine technology. From the perspective of product structure adjustment, it is necessary to change the low-tech content as soon as possible, learn advanced foreign technology, and develop and produce large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with low consumption and the right production and sales. Applicable labeling machines have been developed according to national conditions to accelerate the upgrading of equipment and further develop domestic and international markets. For labeling machines, the continuous expansion of the domestic commodity market and the continuous emergence of new varieties and types have brought major opportunities and challenges. The domestic labeling machine production industry must accelerate its transformation and upgrading, vigorously improve the level of automation and intelligence of products, rely on higher-end products and equipment to meet the market, and truly embark on the road of high-end internationalization. The development opportunities and challenges of the labeling machine industry coexist. Domestic production companies need to focus on the update and advancement of technical equipment to gain the ability and advantages to participate in international competition.
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