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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
The name of the self-adhesive automatic labeling machine is estimated to be understood by everyone. From the literal meaning, everyone can know that this is a labeling machine. If you understand it, it is a labeling machine. The main reason is that it is fully automatic and saves human resources. Waste, of course, accompanied by no waste is the ability to effectively increase production efficiency. It is equivalent to saying that the self-adhesive labeling machine in the branch of the packaging machinery industry has been updated again. Our unremitting efforts in the field of self-adhesive labeling machines have finally achieved breakthrough results, and the self-adhesive automatic labeling machine was born from it. In fact, the scope of application of this machine is very wide. , Self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for labeling round plastic bottles, glass bottles and similar objects in the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, daily chemical industries and other industries. This machine can automatically separate bottles, send labels and separate labels synchronously, label and automatically print batch numbers and dates, with clear handwriting. From the above introduction, we can see that the function of our self-adhesive automatic labeling machine is very powerful. Only you can’t think of it, and there is nothing we can’t do. It can also be seen that our machine is also very suitable for enterprises and has multiple functions. Operation, you buy one machine is equivalent to buying several machines, there is no cost-effective but more cost-effective. Let our self-adhesive automatic labeling machine escort your business. Our new self-adhesive automatic labeling machine adopts hose self-adhesive automatic labeling machine adopts German advanced technology and high-performance executive components, ultra-small inertia servo motor, truly achieve perfect hose labeling, using advanced The man-machine interface system realizes man-machine dialogue, and the host can reach an accuracy level of 0.01 m/min during the control of the delivery speed; the Mitsubishi servo system realizes the high response and extremely high reliability of the system. And so on. Through the above introduction, we can see some of the advantages and characteristics of our self-adhesive automatic labeling machine. Similarly, we dare to say that the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine is our escort for you because Our machines give us courage, and only better self-adhesive automatic labeling machines will continue to give us courage. If you need it, we are willing to escort you and your business.
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