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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-07
In our daily life, many products need to use labeling machines. For friends who have not been in touch with labeling machines, when looking for the labeling machine they need, they don’t know how to search on Baidu and other major search engines. Looking at the background of our website, there are many kinds of words for Bogao labeling machine through searching. Product type, such as custom labeling machine manufacturer, hardware labeling machine; manufacturer's word, such as; according to the shape, round bottle labeling machine... etc. This search method is correct, and the machine found is also correct, but many websites do not subdivide the labeling machine products into the classification of each application product, so maybe this is the machine you need, but you didn't find it. In fact, most of the labeling machines corresponding to different products are selected according to the appearance specifications of the products. Take liquor labeling for example, round bottle labeling machine is used for round bottle of liquor, side labeling machine is used for flat bottle production. In certain circumstances, flat bottle product can also be matched by flat bottle labeling machine. The product shape that the labeling machine is adapted to, we give a summary reference: Vertical round bottle labeling machine: label the side of cylindrical products, slightly tapered is also possible. Whether it's a drink, beer, lipstick, ham, or a steel pipe. Flat labeling machine: labeling Founder products, such as cartons, paper boxes, power banks, lunch boxes, etc., mainly on flat or bottom flat labels. Side labeling machine: This is a multi-functional, it can stick round bottles (narrow labels), square bottles, flat bottles, single-sided labels or double-sided labels. Horizontal round bottle labeling machine: mainly for small round bottles and large round bottle products that are unstable, such as lipstick, candles, blood collection tubes, etc. Paging labeling machine: It is a flat labeling machine with a paging function, products within 5mm More trial, whether it is a plastic bag, paper card, manual or plastic board. At present, there are many applications of plastic bags and color boxes.
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