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Sealing corner labeling machine type and performance-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-03
At present, there are three main types of sealing corner labeling machines on the market, which are handheld, internal extraction and external extraction. The following Bogao logo editor will introduce the advantages and characteristics of each of the three types. 1. Hand-held sealing corner labeling machine: Among the three, the hand-held sealing corner labeling machine is relatively cheap, but it is also easier to accept. These devices are connected to a special plastic bag or container and passed Integrated valves expel all the air, and although these devices are smaller, cheaper and more convenient to operate, they usually have smaller motors and cannot even approach the vacuum pulled by other types of these products. 2. Internal-drawing sealing corner labeling machine: Contrary to the hand-held sealing corner labeling machine, the internal-drawing sealing corner labeling machine has a larger product, can produce stronger vacuum suction, and is more expensive. These sealing corners The labeling machine does not evacuate air from the bag alone, but requires that the bag be placed in the chamber, the mouth of the bag is placed on the sealing strip, and then the entire chamber is closed and locked, and then air is discharged from the bag and the chamber, and finally used Heat seal to seal the bag. The advantage is that it allows the liquid to be sealed without freezing it, because there is no pressure difference between the bag and the external space, and these machines can also seal more bags than other products. 3. External drawing sealing corner labeling machine: External drawing sealing corner labeling machine is more common. This kind of sealing corner labeling machine creates a perfect balance for most people, combining solid performance with relatively compact packaging Combined, the price is reasonable, these devices use pre-cut or quilted bag material rolls, high-end models even have built-in storage and integrated cutters, many of these products also have accessory ports to make it work with you to use hand-held sealing corner stickers Compatible with similar products of the standard machine, or allow you to seal the jar with appropriate accessories. When choosing a sealing corner labeling machine, buyers need to do a lot of work. In addition to considering whether it is suitable for them, they should also consider a variety of factors, such as product prices, manufacturer qualifications, etc., is a company specializing in production and research and development of sealing corners Labeling machine companies, the company's automatic aluminum foil sealing corner labeling machine and other sealing corner labeling machine products are widely used in the aluminum foil sealing of non-metallic containers such as medicines, food, cosmetics, motor oil, pesticides, feed, and chemical products. This machine introduces American technology and adopts transistor modular design and manufacture. The main components are imported from original packaging. It has high working efficiency, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance, and its technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.
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