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Safety tips for applying automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-29
In the case of specific processing, we must grasp the safety application of this fully automatic labeling machine. Only by grasping the safety operation steps can we produce stronger labeling guarantees. 1. In the whole process of the automatic labeling machine to carry out the specific labeling, if it is before the power is connected, most of them must ensure that all the power switches are in a kind of off state, and then follow the instructions on the current operating instructions. Process to carry out all aspects of actual operation. 2. If all the equipment itself is in the electric box for a long time, check the area with the liquid tank to prevent some corrosive liquid from destroying the equipment, or the internal parts are short-circuited and damaged. 3. If the equipment is left idle for a long time without running out, be sure to use a dry towel, and wipe everything clean. Do not use some corrosive cleaning fluid. 4. In the whole process of automatic labeling and specific labeling, it is necessary to thoroughly follow the current packing list of machinery and equipment, or check the model specifications of all equipment and raw materials, and also have specifications, models and total numbers to carry out overall Set up to ensure that the main parameters comply with the design plan of the product and its compliance regulations. 5. In the whole process of the specific application of the fully automatic labeling machine, it is necessary to check the appearance of the current machine and equipment during the whole process of fully automatic labeling. It is necessary to see whether there are some undistorted appearances in the current appearance. In the situation, it is natural to look at whether the drive shafts in each component are dynamic and flexible, and to see whether they do not have any jamming conditions. 6. The machinery and equipment used in China are all 220 volt alternating currents. The power plugs of most switching power supplies are all three power plugs. When connecting to the power supply, it should be plugged into the power plug containing the grounding wire. In the whole process of developing specific applications, such machinery and equipment as automatic labeling machines should be used to ensure safe applications. According to some detailed introductions above, I firmly believe that everyone should have a certain grasp, which can invisibly make We produce a lot of guarantees.
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