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Quick look at label tips

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-28
With the implementation of the planned second childbirth policy, our number of newborns has increased significantly. As the saying goes, things are rare and expensive. Children are always the heart of parents. As long as it is all things related to children, no matter how big or small, parents will take it to heart. The following Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer’s engineer will teach you how to read the tag label. , In order to facilitate your correct purchase in the future. Food, toys, and clothes are all essential things for children, and they are also the areas that parents care about when shopping. The melamine incidents that have occurred before, etc., make parents more careful and careful, then let's introduce it first How to read the clothes tag label. The clothes tag label is a combination of a labeling machine and a barcode traceability system. Self-adhesive labels include basic information such as brand, price, main ingredients, fabric, washing method, manufacturer, and so on. When a lot of parents buy clothes again, they often look at the style first, think they look good, and they buy it at a reasonable price, but they don’t look at the tag label on the clothes carefully, for example, what the ingredients of the clothes contain and what to note for infants and young children , Causing problems with the clothes bought back, or causing skin allergies to the child, etc. Parents should pay attention to the safety information of the tag label when shopping. It includes the implementation standard of the product. The new version of my country’s 'Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products in my country' was formally implemented in August 2012, which stipulates that the product’s implementation standard must be marked on the product tag. , Including the year, etc., it also stipulates that children’s clothing is divided into three levels: a, b, and c. Those under 3 years old must meet the a standard and must indicate infant products. The above is the secret of reading labels prepared by Bogao logo labeling machine for parents. I hope it can be helpful to you.
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