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Operation safety precautions and maintenance of wire labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-27
The packaging container is fed to the automatic labeling machine at a constant speed through the conveyor belt. The mechanical fixing device separates the packaging containers by a fixed distance and pushes the packaging containers to advance along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a driving wheel, a labeling wheel and a reel. The driving wheel intermittently drags the label tape to move. The label tape is pulled out of the reel, and the labeling wheel will pass the labeling wheel at the same time. The belt presses on the packaging container. So, let’s let the editor of Bogao Sign Technology talk with you: the operation safety precautions and maintenance of the wire labeling machine [safety precautions]: 1. Before operation, check whether the control switch is flexible, and the emergency button It should be in a normal state; 2. It is strictly forbidden for two persons to operate at the same time when the equipment is adjusted to avoid personal injury; 3. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp hard objects or organic solvents to wipe the operation panel to avoid damage to the operation panel; 4. Do not wipe with organic solvents Light eyes, rolling and pasting belts, wires, etc.; 5. It is strictly forbidden to touch the PU wheel by hand when labeling; 6. Do not open the electrical control cabinet at will to avoid electric shock. [Daily maintenance]: 1. Wipe and keep the inside and outside of the machine clean and free of grease and dirt every day; in order to meet the requirements that the paint sees the true color, the axis sees the light, and the groove sees the bottom. 2. Clean the equipment before and after the shift. 3. Check the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor and whether the mechanical parts are complete, complete and effective. 4. Whether each lubrication part has been oiled. 5. Pay attention to observe whether the host has abnormal noise, vibration and special smell during operation. The market is not changing all the time, the demand is also changing, and the automation machinery is becoming more and more popular. The automatic labeling machine can change with the 'bottleI believe that with the continuous progress of high technology in the future, the labeling machine industry will have a better future. The above is the introduction of the relevant content brought by the editor of Bogao Logo Technology, I hope it will be helpful to you! The company specializes in accelerating production enterprises to promote industrial automation and realizing industrial upgrading. It has created a technical team with rich experience, can bear hardships and stand hard work, dare to be the first and pay attention to customer experience, and help customers through our outstanding technological innovation and considerate after-sales service. Success, create a value model, build a well-known brand serving the packaging equipment industry, so as to achieve sustainable development.
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