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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-18
In the modern packaging industry, labeling machines are an indispensable part of modern times, and the market for online printing labeling machines is also increasing. In order to pursue efficiency, many customers are looking for labeling machines that can print immediately. Print out the production date or serial number and then paste it on the product packaging. The online printing and labeling machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-cost real-time printing and labeling system. The label is printed and applied without the need to print the label pattern or text in advance, which can save label costs. And it can also be used as production line equipment, fully adapting to the requirements of industrialized production environment. Let's take the packaging box as an example to explain the operation process of changing the equipment. First connect the machine to the computer, edit the label in the computer, transmit the label signal to the machine, and then print the label in real time. Then put the packaging box on the assembly line, transport the product to the corresponding position, and then label it (automatically realized by the device), Finally, collect the labeled products. In recent years, the development of labeling machines has proved that only by analyzing the needs of the market and striving to meet the needs of the market can they promote their own development and promote the new development of the entire industry. Since the labeling machine entered the stage of history, it has played an important role, especially in the food industry, and has been loved and respected by the majority of users. From the beginning, the labeling machine market's requirement is only to display food information to customers through labeling, but with the development of the market economy, labeling is more beautiful. The label not only carries the basic information of the food, such as production date, shelf life, manufacturer, etc., but also sets off the food to make it more beautiful. The labeling work of the labeling machine is a link that should not be sloppy, because the display of the label can reflect the overall effect of a product packaging, and it can also give consumers an intuitive experience. If the label is not firmly attached , Or if there is blistering or irregularity, then it will not give consumers a good impression, and it may be rejected by consumers and not selected, then there is no way to talk about sales and competition with other similar products. Labels are an important part of commodity packaging. Labeling machine manufacturers no longer ignore the handy advantages of this part, and actively introduce various labeling machine equipment suitable for their own production needs, and use them to package their own products. Add points. For the labeling machine, whether the material used in the label can improve the stiffness of the label is particularly important, because this affects whether the label can be issued normally during the operation. Generally speaking, the thickness of the label paper should be controlled above 100um, and labels with small areas are not suitable for large labels. In addition to the thickness and area of u200bu200bthe label material, attention should be paid to whether the surface of the label bottom paper is evenly coated with silicon. Whether it has good tensile strength, it also has good light transmittance. At the same time, before the operation, the label is generally processed. For this, the bottom paper after slitting is required to be flat and free of breaks to prevent the bottom line from breaking when the tension changes. In addition, remove the inside of the roll paper label before labeling. The static electricity, because static electricity will cause the label not to be displayed or inaccurate when labeling.
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