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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
The disinfectant labeling machine Bogao logo automation represents a comprehensive saving of labor costs, and will also make the operation and use process safer and more convenient, avoiding various errors in the actual application process, convenient and reliable, and easy to manage. The superiority and reliable performance of the labeling machine, the self-adhesive labeling machine is clean and hygienic, and the non-vertical labeling machine is moldy. You should have a better understanding of the functional advantages of the disinfectant labeling machine. If you want to use these Advantages, to meet the requirements of different working environments, the disinfectant labeling machine combined with the multi-angle adjustable performance of the self-adhesive labeling station, the labeling products are not limited to the labeling of cylindrical, cone, square and other regular products, and have a wide range of applications :It can not only realize the single labeling/corner labeling on the side (plane) of the square bottle/flat bottle (full bottle state), but also realize the function of single/double-posting and covering the circular bottle in the circumferential direction. This technology of Bogao Sign Automation reliably achieves correct labeling with high accuracy. This method is used to label the top or side of the product package with a certain change in height. How to ensure the normal operation of the automatic labeling machine: Labeling If the machine fails, it must be inspected and repaired by the manufacturer's professional or authorized personnel; the spray outlet of the disinfectant labeling machine is divided into three adjustable sections, and the height, front and rear, and air output of each section can be adjusted separately to achieve a perfect shrinkage effect. The flat labeling machine has a wide range of applications, which can meet the use of flat labeling and self-adhesive films with product widths of 30mm to 350mm, and replace the labeling mechanism to adapt to uneven surface labeling; disinfectant labeling machine, a pioneer in the automation industry The labeling machine's superiority and reliable operation function, the self-adhesive automatic labeling machine has the advantages of clean and sanitary, non-vertical automatic labeling machine moldy, beautiful after labeling, strong, and will not fall by itself. The disinfectant labeling machine adopts a handheld pulse controller (JOG mode), which can fine-tune the equipment at any speed. Optional quick renewal system. Although there is a certain gap between Bogao Sign Automation and the developed countries such as Europe, America, Germany and Britain, the domestic automatic labeling machine industry is still a potential market labeling speed; semi-automatic labeling machines generally use (step In) System control, the labeling speed is 20-45 pieces per minute. Disinfectant labeling machine, a pioneer in the automation industry. At present, with the joint efforts of various industries, various styles of labeling machines have been introduced to the market, and they have been introduced to the market, and they play an important role in their respective fields. The high-mark automatic automatic labeling machine is inseparable from the product. In today's commercialization, having a good automatic labeling machine is equivalent to having a beautiful smiling face entering the market! The market price of a fully automatic round bottle labeling machine (standard machine) is generally 30,000 to 50,000, and an average annual investment of 3,000 to 5,000 can complete the labeling output. The disinfectant labeling machine can achieve the above aspects. The product can meet the requirements of customers (provided that the mechanical and electrical appliances are stable). The standard belt bypass correction mechanism design ensures that the label will not move left and right during the traction process; the eccentric wheel technology is applied to the traction mechanism to ensure that the traction label does not slip. Accurate bidding documents; but this is not enough, we can do better through technological innovation. Generally speaking, the value of labeling is embodied in allowing consumers to understand the product. The advanced mechanical structure of the disinfectant labeling machine and full touch-screen control make the operation of the machine easier and more user-friendly. This model meets the production requirements of 15,000 bottles/hour. It will also improve efficiency while promoting work quality. It can improve work quality and speed every minute. Bogao logo automation is a technology that needs to maintain continuous operation, so its labeling efficiency is greatly improved, and it is mostly suitable for high-speed And efficient automated packaging production line. The flat labeling machine realizes labeling and filming on the upper surface and upper arc surface of the box, plastic shell and other workpieces. There are two methods of rolling and sucking, which are mainly based on their selection efficiency, precision and bubble requirements. The advantage of this method of disinfectant labeling machine is its high precision, which is very suitable for products with higher labeling process requirements. The disadvantage is that the labeling speed is slow and not suitable for products with larger output. However, there is still a big difference between the labeling machine and the sleeve labeling machine. The main reason is that the labels used are different, and the method of labeling is also different.
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