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Most fresh brew and bean to cup machines still

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-25

However, the presence of water is the greatest problem. Bacteria cannot multiply without water - a basic microbiological truth. If water is present, even as a vapour, in an environment which contains food (loose vending ingredients), warmth from the machine, and time, you have ideal breeding conditions for micro-organisms to thrive. One bacterium can become 2 in 20 minutes, or 2,000,000 in just seven hours (overnight in any work environment).

Generally ingredients are supplied in loose packet form and emptied into open-ended containers within the machine, when they can become airborne and settle anywhere. The contained ingredients are susceptible to moisture uptake and these two situations make it almost impossible to keep the machine in a hygienic condition.

When ingredients are dispensed into mixing bowls, tubes and mechanisms, they leave food residues which in the warm environment, lead to growth of micro- organisms.

This type of equipment, cutting edge in the 1950s, is not acceptable in the 21st century. Faced with food scares, MRSA, stringent new health regulations (HACCP 2006), the more knowledgeable consumer demands reliability and complete hygiene safety standards from a drinks vending machine.

In 2005, after five years of development, In Cup Plus launched the Xen-550 Coffee Vending Machines . Heralded as the world's most hygienic fully automatic, variable strength drinks vending system, the Xen-550 has totally redefined previously accepted standards of hygiene, reliability and ease of use in a drinks vending system.

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