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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-05
In real life, if you want to fully label all the packaged pill boxes, then I believe that most companies will use the pill box automatic labeling machine, because this kind of equipment is all automated during the work process. , Every manufacturer produces a lot of pill boxes in one day. If you rely solely on manual work, it will definitely be very troublesome. Therefore, the performance of the pill box automatic labeling machine is also one that many people hope to understand. Thing. (1) During the overall work of the pill box automatic labeling machine, a more flexible header movement can be set, which can carry out labeling work in different positions, and at the same time, it can set each different label particularly accurately. (2) When everyone chooses the automatic labeling machine for pill box, they can apply the label according to the actual situation of the equipment, just like a self-adhesive label or electronic supervision code, and bar code is suitable for It is processed and used in industries such as medicine and food or electronics, and allows us to understand more detailed equipment functions. (3) In the process of direct use of equipment such as the automatic labeling machine for medicine boxes, because the entire equipment itself is made of high-quality stainless steel alloy materials, it is said that the bottom can be equipped with various movable pulleys , It is convenient to move at any time, and it is also convenient for the production workshop to choose different places for labeling according to different locations. (4) In the actual production process of the pill box automatic labeling machine, in order to meet the actual needs of various production lines, we can choose the most suitable parts according to the actual situation, according to the width or length of the product Fully customized, and in the labeling speed, it is completely guaranteed that the labeling per minute will be between 100 and 300 pieces. If the labeling range is beyond the scope of the user can choose according to the actual needs of the customer, and customize a personalized plan , To meet the development needs of each customer.
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