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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-23
All the products on the market need to be labeled. The labeling machine is the general term for labeling machines. We can call all kinds of emojis on the products. Nowadays, the labeling machines on the market are mainly automatic and semi-automatic, so what is a manual labeling machine? In fact, many friends search for manual labeling machines which are what we call semi-automatic labeling machines, which require human participation throughout the process. The manual operation of this machine is mainly the manual operation of the product and the activation of the machine. As for the labeling work, the machine is automatically completed. Take a manual flat labeling machine as an example. This machine is driven by a cylinder, sucking labels and stamping labels automatically. What we need to do is to put the product to be labeled on the machine's jig. This jig is based on the product shape and A card slot made by the size allows us to quickly put the product on and label it accurately. After putting the product on, the foot switch starts the labeling action. After the label is put, the product is taken off and another is applied. With the advancement of technology, the manual labeling machine can also be started without a foot switch, and an automatic start can be designed. After the product is placed in the labeling position, the labeling action is automatically started through detection. Because this kind of manual labeling machine requires manual operation of the product, the labeling speed is often not very high, and it is very fast to be able to put 60 in one minute.
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