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It is very important to choose the labeling equipment of the fire extinguisher labeling machine manufacturer-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-11
Why is it important to choose the labeling equipment of the fire extinguisher labeling machine manufacturer? Just a while ago, a customer came to me to buy the labeling equipment of the fire extinguisher labeling machine to label their own products. In the process of talking and communicating , We talked about the phenomenon that the label of the fire extinguisher was smashed. The customer said that the labeling equipment he bought before, when labeling his own products, often encountered the fire extinguisher at the back and knocked the label of the front fire extinguisher. The customer has been troubled by this problem for a long time, so he decided to replace the equipment to label the fire extinguisher he produced. Everyone must have seen fire extinguishers. There are chemicals in the tanks of this product, which are used in fire insurance on different occasions to protect people's lives and property. There are two main reasons for this product to be damaged by the labeling machine. , One is that the speed of the labeling machine purchased by the customer is not enough to meet the speed of its production line, which causes the phenomenon of knocking; the other is that the customer's production line is too close to cause the phenomenon of knocking. We need to ensure when using the labeling machine to label The product label error is within ±1mm, which is a good labeling machine equipment. When a good labeling machine is labeling, there will be soft foam on both sides of the workbench. The labeling reduces surface friction and does not scratch. The surface of the label ensures the visibility of the label information. The visibility of the label is an important feature of whether a product is of high quality. This is because the information on the label is used to explain the product's composition, method of use, and precautions. If the label is knocked off or peeled off, the information will be incomplete and lost. As a result, it cannot be put into use normally in emergencies. The seriousness of the matter can be imagined. For example, when a fire broke out, people who were not familiar with the operation of fire extinguishers could not see the instructions clearly because of the unclear label. It is a dangerous phenomenon, so using our Bogao labeling machine for labeling will not cause knocking, and the labeling speed is fast. Our labeling machine equipment has excellent performance and is the most important thing for fire extinguisher labeling. Choose, the labeling equipment of the labeling machine made by our Bogao logo, the whole machine is equipped with multi-function parameters, it is stable in operation, and can self-adaptively complete the large-scale labeling of fire extinguisher products. It has two types of stepping and servo systems to choose from. The labeling machine equipment can reach the speed of 25-50 pieces/min and servo 30-60 pieces/min. Its applicable products are products with diameters of φ25~φ90mm and heights of 25-300mm. As a professional labeling machine labeling equipment company, Bogao logo, our focus on the labeling machine field, excellent quality, high-quality service and persistence, let us get the unanimous praise of customers, if you have to buy labeling For machine needs, please contact us.
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