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Is the double-sided adhesive labeling machine the same as the ordinary labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-28
Is the double-sided adhesive labeling machine the same as the ordinary labeling machine? Double-sided tape labeling can be understood as sticking a label on a double-sided tape product, or it can be understood as using a machine to stick a double-sided tape on the product. Based on the current customer search and follow-up understanding, I actually want to use the machine to paste the double-sided tape onto the product. So, what kind of machine is the double-sided adhesive labeling machine? Is it the same as the labeling machine? This machine can be qualitatively based on the characteristics of the double-sided tape. The first type of double-sided tape is a die-cutting double-sided tape, which looks like a self-adhesive label used in a labeling machine. This double-sided tape can be applied by a labeling machine. This labeling machine is our commonly used self-adhesive labeling machine. The working principle is the same as the self-adhesive labeling machine. At present, some label suppliers of the double-sided tape die-cutting process cannot provide it, so the cost is higher than that of ordinary double-sided tape. Therefore, the application of double-sided tape in this way is not very widely used. At present, small-size double-sided tape There are more in this way. For example, mobile phone pasteboards, hooks, etc. The second type is rolls of double-sided tape on the market. With this type of tape, the machine is different from the labeling machine. It needs to be cut off after the double-sided tape is pasted. The structure of this machine is completely different from ordinary labeling machines. Its cost is slightly higher than that of ordinary labeling machines. Compared with the first model, this equipment is more expensive, but the double-sided collagen material is cheaper, and can stick longer double-sided tape, such as 1000mm. It is widely used, such as cartons, bath mirrors, plates, car sealing strips, light strips, etc. Both of these methods have provided customers with equipment, and friends who have such needs are welcome to contact us.
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