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Is the automatic labeling machine expensive? How much is one?-Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-11
When buying a long-term product, price is often an important indicator we consider! Is the automatic labeling machine expensive? How much does it cost? Many people have this question before buying a labeling machine, and then directly judge whether a device is good or not from the price. This is indeed a bit rogue, but everyone likes it! The labeling machine is from the device The type can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. In terms of price, the fully automatic one is more expensive. In this era that is inseparable from the packaging industry, the number of manufacturers that produce and sell labeling machines is also increasing. Many manufacturers are starting to fight price wars. Therefore, the problem of price differences caused users not to know how to choose equipment. Today we Let me talk to you: Is the automatic labeling machine expensive and how much is it? So that everyone knows how to buy affordable mechanical equipment. One: There are many types of brand and model automatic labeling machines, and the prices of different varieties are different. This is the same as the price of cars of different brands and models. Looking at the entire automatic labeling machine market, manufacturers have different prices. Two: Technical content The core factor The advanced or backward technology content directly affects the price of the automatic labeling machine. Automatic labeling machines are mostly customized according to customer needs. For stable performance, this requires a mature technical team to perfectly combine advanced technical means and applications. Only in this way can the produced machinery be of high quality, so that the labeling effect is good and the accuracy is good. High and attractive appearance. The hiring and training of technical talents also requires a large amount of money to operate. The better the skills, the higher the staff costs. The so-called so-called more capable people are the reason, and this is one of them. Second, the use of parts and core components of the fully automatic automatic labeling machine is also the reason for the difference in machine cost. Three: Pre-sales and after-sales service purchase a good automatic labeling machine, not only in the advanced structure, technology, and performance, but also in the overall sales service level, especially the thoughtful, quick response and after-sales service Timely resolution, this is the primary consideration when purchasing equipment, and this is also a factor that affects the price of automatic labeling machines. After buying the equipment, customers all hope to have a good after-sales service, because if the equipment fails later after the equipment is purchased, this can be solved by professional technicians. Only with a good after-sales service level and team can customers rest assured The premise of purchase. Four: Special customization The price of special customization is higher. The so-called non-standard, that is, the manufacturer’s standard model is not suitable for normal labeling production. It requires the manufacturer to invest in technical personnel to re-develop and evaluate the feasibility of the labeling scheme. This requires the cooperation of the entire automatic labeling machine manufacturer. The technical cost is higher, and the price will be higher than the standard machine. For each company, the technology invested is the cost of development, and the calculation methods of each company are not the same, and the price difference is even more. Having said so much, do you believe that the price of the automatic labeling machine is expensive? How much is it? I should have already understood what the price of the labeling machine is affected. After a closer look, I found that there are really many influencing factors, so When choosing equipment, you must first compare the functions and performance of the equipment. A good product will definitely make the work more worry-free, but the price will not be much cheaper. It is very important to choose a good manufacturer. Choosing us will never make you regret your choice. 1. Focus on custom automation design and development for more than 10 years, leading the industry; 2. A team of senior experts, to build a research and development center; 3. Strong customization capabilities for non-standard equipment, tailored for customers; 4. Because of professionalism, high stability , High finished products, let you save production costs; 5. All equipment is provided with a 365-day free warranty, and lifetime maintenance allows you to worry-free.
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