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Is it difficult to clean the labeling head of the label printing and labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-12
The output part of the label printing and labeling machine is called the print head. Laser printers have no print heads. The print heads of inkjet printers are called nozzles. The print heads of dot matrix printers are called needle print heads. There are 8-pin print heads, 12-pin print heads and 24-pin print heads. First class. The print head is a precise and expensive part of the printing labeling machine, and it is also a fragile and vulnerable device. To give a simple example, just like a car engine, it is a consumable product, which will eventually be damaged, but it can be used for a longer time through maintenance. Therefore, only continuous maintenance of the print head can extend its life. When many people use label printing and labeling machines, in order to make the print head play a better role, the print head will be cleaned every time a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper is used up. Conventional cleaning method of the print head Use a cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol to clean it. Turn off the power of the label printing and labeling machine and turn on the print head. Use a small amount of cotton cloth to brush the mechanical part of the label printing and labeling machine, or blow gently to remove floating dust. Do not use any hard metal or tools (such as screwdrivers) that will wear out to rub the print head contaminants. Use a cotton swab with alcohol to wipe from the head to the end, do not wipe back and forth, and then rotate the roller, wipe while rotating, so that you can easily clean the print head. Note that when cleaning the print head, you need to take off the ring and other hard objects to prevent the print head from scratching, and be careful not to damage the print head with a grounded metal belt or an object with static electricity. Some users usually don't pay attention to the use skills of label printing and labeling machines, and they will not maintain the machine. After the damage to the print head, the machine can no longer work. Learn to clean the print head to better protect the print head. Bogao logo labeling machine is very convenient to use, just follow the normal printing operation. Therefore, based on the daily maintenance of the label printing and labeling machine, the print head must be cleaned. Using the skills shared by the Bogao logo editor can effectively solve the problem of print head cleaning and avoid print head damage.
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