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In which occasions are real-time printing and labeling machines generally used? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-07
Printer is a relatively common machine in our daily life. Real-time printing labeling machine, also called real-time printing labeling machine, online printing labeling machine, refers to the same type of product, and the equipment is the same Like other ordinary labeling machines, it is widely used in tobacco, electronics, medicine, daily chemical, food, logistics and other industries. So for what occasions are real-time printing labeling machines generally used, and under what circumstances should an average enterprise consider this kind of labeling machine? In the production management of enterprise users involving variable information identification links, you can consider choosing a real-time printing and labeling machine. The processed production materials, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting codes, electronic supervision codes, packaging materials, transportation materials, etc., this variable information cannot be printed in advance. According to the needs of users and the characteristics of flexibility, the print content and format are given online , The format or type can be ordinary bar code, text, variable data, two-dimensional bar code, graphics, and RFID tags. The real-time printing labeling machine has advanced technology and high degree of automation. It integrates real-time label printing and automatic labeling functions, which greatly improves work efficiency, facilitates production management of enterprises, and saves high labor costs. Most of the real-time printing labeling machines use thermal transfer technology, and the printed labels are clear and beautiful; the printing content can be flexibly changed without pre-printing, which is convenient for inventory management; the imported printing engine is used, which is industrial-grade stable and efficient. Flexible configuration of labeling methods: roll sticking, air blowing sticking, corner sticking, direct pressing, etc., which can meet the requirements of various application types. The system can be controlled via the Internet or industrial interface, and the transmission information can be verified in real time. Intelligent label management function, with fault alarm functions such as subsidies and missing stickers. The movable independent mounting bracket can flexibly adjust the height and position at any time to meet the needs of different occasions. The system can also be connected to the production management system to realize multi-level code assignment and establish a complete traceability system. The labeling machine is widely used in life. Its function is mainly to provide very effective implementation work for logistics monitoring applications in various industries, especially for carton types in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industries. Ideal equipment for packaging line labeling. The performance characteristics of the printing labeling machine: 1. Program storage function: the user can preset the setting parameters for various products (such as the number of labels, delay, alarm processing method, etc.) in the control computer, when changing production needs Recall and use, no need to reset. 2. A variety of labeling methods: pneumatic, blowing, sweeping and other methods for users to choose, which can meet the labeling requirements of different occasions/different items. 3. The function of real-time printing and labeling and anti-leakage labeling, and the function of automatic labeling (reprinting) can be selected to meet the special needs of the production line. 4. Alarm function: When a fault occurs, the system will pop up corresponding alarm information or shut down, so that the user can clearly understand the fault situation. (Optional alarm methods include: 'close/open' signal and 'stop/non-stop' command, etc.). 5. Extended function: It can be connected with other equipment (such as: barcode reader, electronic pop, testing equipment or other industrial equipment, etc.) to form an integrated system to meet the most complex application requirements of users in production management and logistics monitoring. 6. Connection function: Connect to the main system via Ethernet to achieve the purpose of real-time management and system integration, eliminating the need for on-site configuration and control of the computer. 7. Easy installation: independent support, convenient adjustment; large distance tolerance of objects, reducing the need for fine-tuning during installation. 8. Imported electrical components from world-renowned brands are used to ensure the long-lasting stability and reliability of the whole machine. 9. Counter function: A variety of counter functions are convenient for users to understand and follow up the production status, material status, label usage, etc. Different counting methods can greatly increase the flexibility of users for different production and statistical needs. 10. Flexible editing software: Compatible with most Chinese/English label editing software, printing content editing has strong flexibility. 11. Easy to use and easy to use.
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