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by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-21

Over the past several years plastic packaging has gotten a bad rap from consumers. Obviously this is due to the artificial materials these containers are made out of which are harmful to the environment and take centuries to decompose. However, that doesn't stop use from buying them. The reason is simply because they are cheaper than its counterparts. For example it only takes 2 oz. of plastic to deliver about 8 gallons of a beverage. It would take three pounds of aluminum, 8 lb. of steel, or 27 lb. of glass to deliver the same amount.

Fortunately, plans are being made to reduce the amount of plastic used to package goods such as bottled water and milk jugs. The same goes for the cartons used to ship said items. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) are designing more efficient ways to carton these products.

I'm sure most of us have passed the large annoying cargo trucks as we drive down the highway however inside of these trucks are all different types of cartons. OEM's have been able to manufacture a machine that has the capability to carton many different sized objects giving it a lot of flexibility. Other manufacturers require two or three different machines to do this job. This machine will reduce operation costs and space required to get the job done.

Listed below are 5 key findings in regards to the packaging industry.

Within the near future the packaging industry may be comprised of the some of the most complex machinery which in turn will reduce shipping costs and then ultimately the cost to the consumer. With all the innovative technology that has gone into package handling, cartoning and conveying machines, competitive advantage is expected to increase. Make sure to do your research before purchasing such machinery.

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