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In this era of high level automation and machinery

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-22

It is necessary to detect and solve motor problems as fast as possible. Problems like overheating, winding cut, etc are considered as some of the most common electric motor problems. Due to excess heating, insulation gets damaged and electricity starts passing from one winding to another without passing them in all. Due to excess heating, insulation gets damaged and electricity starts passing from one winding to another without passing them in all. Similarly, in the winding cut, a cut takes place in such a place, which is not near the coils end. These problems can be solved effectively by motor rewinding. A fact is that rewinding job is not an easy job, it needs to be done with extreme care. Thus, it is important to avail professional assistance while looking for such kind of repairs.

Motors burn out for a reason. It is usually important to figure out why a motor burned out originally. Usually, it's because the motor had to work too hard. AC/DC theory is needed, machine shop experience only for the person that re-assembles unless your shop has you do motors from start to finish. Strong hands and patience are the key tools in this trade for sure. The work is a bit repetitive but thinking on how to improve your product keeps your mind busy.

Electric motors are relatively simple mechanical devices, but rewinding the coils on a DC motor is a precise task that should only be undertaken by those who with experience in mechanical or electrical repair. A mistake or poorly-performed rewind job will result in a motor that doesn't work. At that point, your only options are to buy a new motor or to take it to a professional shop for repair. Given the variety of motors and types of windings, this can only be a general article on rewinding. If you don't understand the terminology, you shouldn't be rewinding a motor; once you start removing the original coils, there's no going back.

Now searching for a suitable rewinding service provider is very easy as most of such firms have online presence, hence any one can go through various rewinding services provided by different firms and compare the rates to get a suitable rewind for your electric motor.

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