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In the preceding years, GPS market has experienced

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-14

There is no doubt the biggest feature of specialized gps dvd is that it is design and development for a special car model. There is no cutting line when installation, and supports plug and play function, on the side, does not destroy the original car functions.

The guide of the rapid development of special car navigation can be summed up with two words: one is 'original', which is the raw feeds for the original car, just matching the original car design. the other word is 'up', that is upgrading and reforming, which can expand the functions of the original car. And with the escalating of consumers demand, special car gps dvd players will be will be the future trend of development.

Nowadays, a generic name for the special navigation dvd player is coming into fashion: 'navigation and multimedia all-in-one machine'. From the popular names, we can know, the prevalent GPS navigation has become the standard configuration of car DVD player. A car, a navigation, that is the fashion. Formerly, we only can see the car navigation products in high-grade car like BMW, BENZ, Audi etc. For this day and age, many private car owners can also experience the valued enjoyment what the special car dvd players bring with.

In addition to universal gps navigation function, present car dvd player is more personal. It is featured with electronic dog, mobile speed, reversing view intelligent systems, CMMB mobile digital TV, tire pressure monitoring and so on. It is actually more like a vehicle-mounted computer. Concerned analysis believe that intellengce will be the future development direction of the gps navigation. So if the personalized featuers of the special car gps dvd players is the reason that private car owners love. In that way, its intellengce is the core competitiveness. No matter how patterns change, but the new experience can bring to consumers is the top priority.

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