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In the highly competitive international market

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-20

business articles about 30% per year growth rate, the packaging industry in the national economy plays an important role.

Output value of China packaging industry in 2004 has more than 300 billion yuan, more than 1,000 bears annually exports 100 million U.S. dollars packaging tasks. In the highly competitive international market, countries seek to package products are perfect. China's export of light industrial goods are burning enamel pot, thermos, vacuum flask, glassware, ovens, fans, hardware, alarm clocks, stationery, building materials, toys, shoes, bags, and the like, is characterized by variety, small batch, fragile, heavy weight, such as a large number of used corrugated box packaging, its benefits include the following: business articles business articles

Quick sale required graphics product line to support the standardization of high recognition and brand label goods. With the development of supermarket chains and retailers, the merger between the intensification of its huge marketing power and meet the overwhelming consumer demand for branded goods brought demands for high quality packaging to promote the printing industry to improve printing performance and print quality.

This phenomenon leads to increased market demand for display packaging, display packaging, including products such demand, strong colors and packaging to better reflect the contents of the multi-color printing. Should be better on the packaging to meet consumer tastes, habits and fashion of the debate, prompted supermarkets to lower prices great variety of attractive products. The new flavors and product types, more attractive package to convince consumers to buy a commodity is very necessary.

Flat crush strength of corrugated core strength Corrugated cardboard main role is as compression deformation, to maintain a certain thickness of cardboard, so that board for a larger moment of inertia. Corrugated to play this role and it is made of corrugated single machine reliability can have close contact. Corrugating medium to afford the role of stress and strain, and played flute in high speed when the formation of uniform high corrugated, and can securely affixed together with tissue paper.

Inherent properties of corrugated board is a board has more than the moment of inertia. When corrugated board is under pressure greater moment of inertia effect, we still maintain its original thickness is a prerequisite for its inherent characteristics. Therefore, the corrugated board by flat load without the risk of crushing pressure of the phenomenon.

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