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If you use a Tassimo coffee machine, then you

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-19

An allergen warning label is placed on the Tassimo professional coffee machines brewer to make users aware that allergens (in this case milk and soy/soya) are present in the milk and chocolate T disc drinks. This is in line with normal food packaging labeling practice. It is necessary as someone making a drink after a T disc having milk, particularly chocolate drinks, in a Tassimo coffee machine needs to be warned about probable allergen properties in case a small residue is still in the machine.

The coffee machines store enough water to ensure they will not run out whilst making a drink. However if the water is low when your drink is finished, you will be asked to refill the machine. If connected to live water mains, it will never run out. The Tassimo coffee machine is easily drained from the front - please see the operator manual for full instructions.

There are other indicators too. The display screen on these coffee machines will inform you when descaling will be required. It will conveniently give you a warning message well in advance, advising that de-scale will be required after a certain number of drinks. It will continue to display warnings until the de-scale is completed.

In case you lose the yellow cleaning disc or the red de-scale disc of your Tassimo coffee machine, you must seek a replacement as fast as possible. Please contact your service provider or operator for a replacement and instructions on how to clean/de-scale the machine in the interim period. Just keep a weather eye open for the indicators on the Tassimo coffee machines and go ahead and enjoy hassle free usage.

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