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If you don't already know what a printer is then

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-10

When it comes to buying printers in India, you will be able to see that the printer price in India differs as per the functionality of the printers. More effective, multi-functional and useful printers would end up in the more expensive side of the bar while less effective and less functional ones tend to be on the lower rungs of the ladder. There are various kinds of printers in India and out of these five of them are most commonly used.

The first type of printer is called Inkjet printer and this is considered to be one of the best printers in India thanks to its user-friendliness. This kind of printer works by propelling droplets of ink or liquid in various sizes onto the medium, which in this case is the paper. For the general consumers, this kind of printer is considered to be most fit because they produce good quality ink, are easy to handle and have economical printer price.

Another alternative is the Laser printer. This type of printer uses something known as an LED technology for the purpose of obtaining small particles of toner from a cartridge onto a piece of paper. This technology produces fine graphics and high quality text on to the paper and they are much more economical in comparison to the inkjet printer.

Thermal printer may turn out to be a kind that you do not hear frequently because they are used mostly in fax machines and in calculators. These inexpensive printers work by driving heated pins against papers that are heat-sensitive. You do not require ink here but only heat-sensitive papers, which make it quite a cost-effective printer.

Then there is the dot matrix printer which works somewhat like a typewriter. Characters are created when the pins strike against an ink ribbon and these pins create a dot or a combination of dots which form pictures or text. You can create carbon copies or non-carbon copies with this kind of printers since they exert mechanical pressure.

Last but not the least is the plotter printers and these are quite different from the four types of printers mentioned above. There is a pen which moves across the surface of the paper and that is the main principle behind the working of these printers. These printers are best used for printing very large drawings neatly and accurately and also for producing artworks based on vector that are of high resolution.

Therefore depending on what your needs are, you can loosen your purse strings for one of these printers to go with your computer.

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