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Explain the specific application of label labeling machine in the main industry-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-29
Products on the market need labels. It can be said that the industry applications of labeling machines are too broad and can be used in almost all industries. At present, the most applications are food, beverage, printing, electronics, daily chemical, Logistics, e-commerce, clothing, toys, fruits, etc., the specific applications are mainly the following six categories: 1. Flat labeling machine: Flat labeling is mainly used for flat products, such as food packaging planes, books, clothing tags, cartons and other products The upper plane can be applied to the flat labeling machine as long as there is a flat place. 2. Side labeling machine: It is divided into single side and double side labeling, mainly for round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle products with 2 side labels, such as shampoo, shower gel, lubricating oil, motor oil, food in square cans . 3. Round bottle labeling machine: for round bottle and cylindrical product labeling, round products such as beverages, penholders, candles, solid glue, sealing tape, etc., all sizes are available. Four. Corner labeling: Some electronic products and medical products are labeled at the seal of the packaging carton. The label can be equipped with anti-counterfeiting labels, tamper-resistant labels, and sealing reinforcement labels. The label content of the above labels is a fixed content label, and the labeling machine only applies it The speed is also relatively fast. For labels in the food and other industries, a coding machine can be added to print the production date, factory number, etc., and the labeling method is roll-sticking. 5. Real-time printing and labeling machine: There are many applications in electronics, logistics, e-commerce and other industries that require coding. The label is printed first and then labeled. One print and one label are printed. It needs a source of data. This type of labeling The method often uses the method of sucking and sticking, and the labeling robot is used to pick up the label and then cover it on the product that needs to be labeled. Sixth, assembly line labeling machine: mainly flat label or side label, combined with the factory's existing assembly line labeling. Suitable for square-shaped products such as cartons, toys, sterilized tableware, lunch boxes, etc. The above labeling machines are more general labeling machines for industry applications, as well as some industry-specific labeling machines, which are specially designed according to the product, such as: wire folding labeling machine, LED tube labeling machine, Fruit labeling machine, beauty seam labeling machine, etc. In fact, as long as the products that need to be labeled can use the labeling machine, especially for the products with large output and large quantity, the labeling accuracy and efficiency of the automatic labeling machine can be improved a lot. Some products that cannot be used with fully automatic or semi-automatic labeling machines also have corresponding products such as hand-held labeling machines.
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