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Experience sharing in repairing automatic labeling machine skills-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-15
As a mechanical equipment, the automatic labeling machine will have more or less problems with the increase of its service life. What should we do if we encounter problems? If the labeling machine product you bought is still in the warranty, you can directly find the manufacturer who purchased the labeling machine and ask them to send someone to repair it for you. What if your labeling machine product comes over the warranty period? You can pay some material and labor costs to let the manufacturer arrange professionals to repair it, or you can search for some repair labeling machine tips on the Internet to see how they repair it. Now is the Internet age, we can find anything on the Internet, including repair labeling machine skills, like our labeling machine industry, I am very happy to share some of our industry experience on the Internet, today I am here to share with you Some of the experience in the repair labeling machine skills uploaded by our Bogao logo. If you have searched for the maintenance labeling machine skills spread on the Internet, you can see that most of the maintenance labeling machine skills talk about accuracy-related problems, such as running labels on the automatic labeling machine, and automatic labeling. There are problems such as Zou Biao phenomenon on the label machine. How did these problems arise? Let's talk about the problem of running label: The running label phenomenon of the automatic labeling machine is usually because the peeling plate and the fixed seat are not parallel when installed. That is: the peeling plate and the head plate are not perpendicular to the labeling process. There is a phenomenon of pulling the label during the labeling process or the label is used for a long time. The label peeling port is worn more seriously. How to fix it? We can buy accessories and replace the label stripping port with a new one. Next, let’s take a look at the wrinkle label problem explained in the labeling machine tips. This problem is usually a problem with the parameter setting, and the label output speed is higher than the host speed. , That is: the bid frequency is too fast, and the two parameters do not match. How to repair it? We ask the technicians to adjust the parameters normally, and then there is the problem of premature labeling. Many automatic labeling machines that have problems have this phenomenon. The labeling is premature, and the product has not reached the labeling position. The bidding has begun. In the end, the label was not attached to the product, and material was wasted. There are many cases where there are problems with automatic labeling machines, and we can't say enough here, but our Bogao logo is a professional automatic labeling machine industry, and the labeling machines we sell rarely have such problems. , Even if there is, we will send professional technicians to solve your problems. The above are some common knowledge points shared in the maintenance of labeling machine skills shared by the editor. If you need a labeling machine, please contact us Bogao Logo.
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