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Environmental protection and value-added! Interpretation of the technical advantages of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-01
In recent years, under the active publicity of my country's environmental protection departments and non-profit environmental protection organizations, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At present, many well-known companies invest huge sums of money every year to actively participate in various environmental protection public welfare activities in order to establish a good brand image in the eyes of the public. In the food and beverage industry, in addition to actively investing in and leading related environmental protection activities, many well-known manufacturers also actively introduce the fully automatic labeling machine technology that is very popular in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and upgrade product packaging technology to reduce the consumption of outer packaging materials and upgrade products. The multi-pronged approach, such as the quality of outer packaging, adds points to its brand image. According to Bogao Logo, a well-known fully automatic labeling machine solution provider in my country, in the food and beverage industry, a good brand image is often the foundation for major manufacturers to win the trust of consumers and gain a foothold in the market. Many well-known food and beverage brands want to establish themselves Responsible and responsible for a positive image, a large amount of manpower and material resources are invested in environmental protection public welfare undertakings every year to achieve the purpose of increasing the added value of the brand. With the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, in recent years, many food manufacturers have not only paid attention to external public welfare and environmental protection, but also practiced energy conservation and environmental protection concepts by actively introducing and upgrading the production technology content of product packaging boxes and reducing resource loss. In this process, the fully automatic labeling machine technology, with better packaging texture and less resource consumption, shines in the domestic food packaging field, and is favored by many well-known food and beverage brands. It is understood that the in-mold label of the plastic packaging box produced by the automatic labeling machine technology does not need a bottom paper, and the final in-mold label material and the container will be integrated, which can reduce the use of the container itself. quantity. Not only that, the food packaging box label materials and plastic containers currently used in this technology are usually made of 100% recyclable food-grade PP material, which is not only light in texture, good in toughness, and good in chemical resistance. Direct recycling and reuse are therefore also in line with the current mainstream environmental protection concept of waste recycling and recycling advocated by relevant departments. However, the biggest advantage of automatic labeling machine technology lies in its economic effect is also very considerable. Due to the fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, in addition to continuously increasing investment in new product research and development and marketing, major manufacturers have also continuously upgraded the image of product packaging to achieve price increases and efficiency gains, and this approach has become the industry’s Open the secret'. According to Bogao Logo, the color of food packaging boxes produced by automatic labeling machine technology is not only more dazzling, richer in layers, and more refined than traditional technology. Moreover, after filling, the transportation wear is smaller, and the image on the shelf is very beautiful. The label looks like it is directly printed on the bottle. The overall effect is more harmonious and higher-grade. Therefore, it is favored by major well-known food and beverage brands. According to reports, dairy giants such as Yili and Mengniu have already used related packaging box products in their star products and achieved good application results. At the same time, the huge packaging upgrade demand of downstream food and beverage manufacturers has naturally brought new development opportunities to the surrounding food packaging industry. Especially after years of development, the domestically produced automatic labeling machine solution provider represented by Bogao logo has matured technology, which makes the cost-effectiveness of related injection molding machine equipment more and more higher, which in turn promotes the rapid production cost of a single finished product. The decline has basically met the cost requirements for large-scale popularization of applications. It is reported that the introduction of injection molding equipment based on the food labeling system has been regarded by many large food packaging manufacturers as a heavy weapon in the Nuggets high-end packaging market, and the market prospects are widely optimistic. Bogao Logo believes that the exquisite outer packaging box is certainly an indispensable product to ensure food safety and increase the added value of the product, but it is also the main source of modern urban domestic waste products. In the current environment where all countries in the world are highly respected for energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy, especially in recent years, my country has also strongly implemented the 'foreign garbage import banOnly when relevant domestic enterprises take the initiative to change, reduce the amount of outer packaging waste from the root, improve quality and efficiency, can they effectively respond to changes in environmental protection policies in various countries around the world and seize the opportunity in market competition. Bogao Sign Co., Ltd. is such a high-tech company dedicated to the development of non-standard customized automatic labeling machines. In recent years, the labeling machines that have participated in the manufacture involve multiple industries. Many domestic companies have chosen our non-standard customized labeling machines. The production efficiency of the labeling machine has been significantly improved, and our labeling machine has also been highly praised.
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