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by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-22

The three main services provided by are:

All Motor Rewinding between 0.1 hp - 2500 hp. AC / DC Motors use Generators from 5kw up to 1800kw with complete overhauling. Not every motor that comes into the shop needs a rewind. In fact, there are many times when a motor rewind is unnecessary. Maybe the armature needs balancing, or the bearings need replacing. Possibly the shaft requires reconstruction to restore a pulley fit. In these instances, you don't need a rewind; you need a recondition or repair. That is why the skilled technicians at AGECL carefully inspected and evaluated every electric motor that is brought into our service centers.

Superior rewinds were composed of three things i.e. Materials, Technique and Commitment.

Materials make up the first ingredient. The materials we used were the best that are commercially available. We began by using magnet wire which had been rated for Inverter Duty. It will withstand more punishment and stress than standard magnet wire, and is designed to minimize the effect of electrical spikes that are inherent in variable frequency drives. All rewinds were preheated, dipped, and baked in a Class H electrical insulation varnish a minimum of two times or more, depending upon application.

Technique is the second ingredient of a superior rewind. Our techniques are the result of decades of refining rewind procedures. Every step in the rewind process had been carefully examined and refined over the years to produce the highest quality AC or DC electric motor rewinds.

Commitment is the third ingredient. The AC / DC electric motor rewind. An AC / DC electric motor winder were skilled craftsman who possessed years of experience in the field.

All of the above allows our rewinds to keep running long after normal rewinds have failed, which translates into more uptime and less downtime and that is what it's really all about.

The 3.5 ton - 10 ton Dynamic Balancing Machine. Computer controlled with both, belt and direct drives to offer full range and flexibility. Dynamic balancing machine balances rotating elements for quiet vibration free operation. Dynamic balancing machines measure the size and angle of vibration. Our dynamic balancing machines provide the critical data necessary for eliminating balance problems and creating precisely balanced rotors.

The in-house developmental machine shop that provided expedited machining and cutting, custom design and build, and fast turnaround.

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