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by:Zhongya Packaging      2021-12-27
Today's society is unpredictable. Fake wine is alcohol mixed with boiled water and added flavors to make you drink delicious; meat buns and meat fillings are corner materials and spices, making you endless aftertaste; in real life, countless foods are faked, 315 The hotline is busy every day; if you say that good cigarettes and good alcohol are faked, it is a huge profit; but I heard that now the eggs are also faked or artificial eggs. This is unacceptable. Eating eggs is to supplement what the body needs. Do you think there are people who dare to buy eggs? Such cheap eggs are actually artificial. They are bad silver if they are popular now. I don’t know if the man who made artificial eggs wants to learn to make hens or make airplanes? Anyway, I It is impossible to make it. Our Bogao logo will only label the labeling machine as early as possible; there are also egg labeling machines and egg packaging box sealing and labeling machines to exert their combat effectiveness and counterfeit! It is incumbent! Egg label labeling machine, so that every egg has With the ID number, it is the same as the place of birth of the person; which farm is from, what is the name, yes, there is also the date of birth on the box; who said that the identity of the egg is simple, with the ID, the egg becomes It's not simple; consumers can buy fresh eggs, so that their families can eat healthy; poultry and egg professionals can let their eggs have a brand, enter a larger market, protect their own interests, and are not afraid of people counterfeiting their own products; If you want to know where the product is going, you can choose a barcode traceability system, and just like knowing your own children, you can easily find your own products from the supermarket at a glance; the egg label labeling machine, the egg box sealing labeling machine is really consumer and farmer’s Good helper, real fighter!
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