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Efficiency and flexibility will be the bargaining chip for future food automatic labeling machine manufacturers

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-18
Although the growth rate of food packaging has slowed in recent years, the prospects are still unlimited. The development of the food industry is inseparable from the promotion of the food machinery industry. At the same time, changes in consumer demand for food are also stimulating the continuous technological improvement and product upgrade of food and food automatic labeling machinery. According to the analysis of market observers from Bogao label food automatic labeling machine manufacturers, emerging economies are increasingly becoming the driving force for the growth of food processing and labeling machinery, and half of the equipment demand comes from some emerging economies in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. . Changes in the food market place higher demands on machinery and equipment. Food and related processing and labeling machinery markets complement each other. Although continuous food growth can stimulate the machinery market demand, it also places higher demands on it. As the consumer market changes, higher-quality, innovative, suitable and personalized foods will be favored by the market. In order to remain competitive, the food industry needs to respond to changing consumer trends in a very short period of time and quickly introduce new products to the market. This is a huge challenge. The variety of food is rich and diverse and continues to increase, the life cycle of the product is getting shorter and shorter, and the batch is decreasing. At the same time, production costs need to be kept as high as possible, and rising wages, energy consumption and raw material prices have caused costs to rise continuously, and profit margins are getting narrower. Therefore, enterprises pay more and more attention to efficiency, productivity and flexibility when investing in machinery and equipment. Mechanical performance will play a key role in market competition. For food processing and packaging, efficient and reliable processes are essential. The scope involved is not only optimizing the availability of machinery, the entire production process must run smoothly to ensure the effectiveness of the entire system and minimize costs. The technology used in food processing and packaging must be responsive and adaptable. When using new ingredients, the processing flow must be able to quickly change accordingly, such as adopting a new processing temperature or weighing flow. Automatic recipe management, coupled with continuous information flow and connection with process control, will result in a highly automated process, regardless of the types of ingredients used in each market. For the packaging industry, flexibility is equally important. Diversity does not stop at the product, but is richer in the packaging of the product. Companies must meet the market's needs for a variety of packaging sizes, from disposable packaging to household packaging, everything should be covered. Therefore, automatic food labeling machinery and production lines must have a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to produce various styles of products and to quickly realize the conversion between various styles without the use of tools. Especially, people's preference for small batch packaging requires shorter conversion and shorter start-up time.
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