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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-28
Use instant labeling machines in the e-commerce industry! E-commerce such as Taobao has become popular in recent years. People buy or publish products online every day. According to statistics, the daily delivery of a city is based on the statistics of nearly 10,000 items. Therefore, many couriers need to go through the work of Taobao sellers' handbag seals and labels before they can reach our hands. In the beginning, everyone worked manually when they were small e-commerce. Since e-commerce is very popular, the manual labeling model is naturally out of date. In order for everyone to get a better shopping experience, e-commerce sellers need to increase. The speed of packaging The faster delivery of packages increases the speed of delivery and allows items to reach everyone's hands as quickly as possible. This requires the use of Shanghai Lujia's instant labeling machine to make your own delivery speed automated and efficient. Here to introduce you to the ability of Bogao logo instant labeling machine to meet the needs of e-commerce. First of all, we need to know that the veneer packaging requirements of different non-standard express packages are different, so we have to use different solutions: The first is to put the delivery note on the carton. We need this function of the instant labeling machine. For express veneers of the same size, 12,000 sheets can be posted in the first hour, which greatly improves work efficiency and is sufficient to meet the high efficiency requirements of some companies; The second type of non-standard product side stickers: for products of different specifications, The single-sided express parcels on the side have different specifications, and the side label positioning label. But the speed is relatively slow, it can release 1,200 per hour; the third type of labeling machine used for instant labeling is flat labeling of non-standard items, express parcels of different heights, express parcels of different specifications, and stickers of different specifications Face paper. In all aspects, different sizes are considered, and a specific veneer plan is given. The labeling methods of the above three instant labeling machines are our Bogao logo solutions, based on standard products and multi-label express parcels. Single-board single-board planning is relatively easy. For all kinds of veneer packaging, our labeling machine needs to release a plan according to the actual situation of the customer. Make sure to stick to that face. The above introduction mainly includes the upper plane and the side. For special product requirements and environments, the bottom label can also be used.
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