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Crystal is very pure and transparent which is

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-12

It is a very easy to identify it, if you have detection instrument. However, it is not unrealistic for you to take the instrument to buy crystal, so master some of simple and easy methods of identification are very important.

Crystal ball has very high ornamental value, so the price is quite high. A good crystal ball about 10 centimeters or above value two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. At the drive of the economic interests, unscrupulous businessmen take the glass ball pretend to be a crystal ball, in order to obtain sudden huge profits.

In fact, you can identify it by naked eyes, which is very simple and reliable. Take a hair on a piece of white paper, and press the ball to the hair and constantly rotating the ball to observe the hair's change through the ball. If you saw the double shadow, it turns out to be a crystal ball, if you cannot see the double shadow when rotating the ball to different direction, it is a fake one. This is because the crystals have double refractive index and glass is amorphous body.

There are two common kinds of glass necklace in jewelry market, one is glass mold, the other is the glass that though cutting and grinding. We can identify it through two simple ways. Use the necklace to touch your face, if you feel it cool, it turns out to be a crystal necklace, if it is not, and you know that. This is because glass's heat conduction is quite slow, you can feel warm soon, while the crystal's heat conduction is fast, you can feel cool.

Besides that method, you can observe the necklace whether it contains any bubble, glass products generally have spherical or elongated bubble, and then see if there is a flow line, the flow line for glass. The so-called flow line is formed when the melting glass is in the cooling process or made by other factors. The surface of the mold glass products is not smooth, and it may have moulage traces. Put it under the sunshine, natural crystal necklace can emit a colorful light from any direction, while the fake one cannot.

How to tell the crystal glasses and glass glasses? Take a Crystal glasses and glass glasses, and wipe them clear, and then use a toothpick to dip water and drop a few drops to the spectacle lens, the diameter of the water droplets is about 1 mm, in the same environment temperature, if water drop spread, it turns out to be glass, if water drop keep its shape, it is a crystal. The water drops on crystal spectacle lens evaporate faster than water drops on glass spectacle lens, which is very easy to distinguish them. This is because glass is amorphous body and crystal is crystalline, and the difference of their surface tension and thermal conductivity.

In the original crystal stone trading market, unscrupulous businessmen often take the glass block pretend to be a crystal stone, in order to obtain sudden huge profits. We can weight the stone on our hand; generally speaking, crystal is heavier than glass. You can also use a sharp objection to scrape the stone's surface, if it leaves scraping trace, it turns out to be a glass. That is because crystal is harder than glass. In addition, you can see if there is a flow line, if it has, it is a glass.

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