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by:Zhongya Packaging      2021-12-30
The assembly line labeling machine is a very cost-effective labeling equipment. Its cost performance comes from the simplicity and practicality of the equipment, and its characteristic is that it needs to be combined with the existing assembly line for labeling work. The assembly line labeling machine is designed to be movable, and the machine can be pushed to that position where labeling is required on the production line. The assembly line labeling machine has two models: upper plane labeling and side labeling. It can meet the requirements of labeling on the plane and side of the product on the assembly line. If there are multiple labels that need to be labeled, the same number of assembly line labeling machines can be arranged. What if there is no production line hardware? A simple conveyor can be customized, and the size of the conveyor can be customized according to the size of the product, and then the assembly line labeling machine is combined. This method is our simple flat and side labeling machine. It can save the cost to the greatest extent, and it can be selected in some cases where the labeling volume is not large. The simple version of the labeling machine above is an economical labeling machine designed by Bogao Marking Machinery for customers. It can also meet the labeling needs. However, in terms of the overall appearance and the accuracy of the labeling, the standard version The labeling machine is still slightly better. You can choose flexibly according to your own situation and labeling needs. Labeling machine factory direct sales contact number: 13808851890, welcome to inquire.
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