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Consumption downgrade? Why is the sales of automatic labeling machine equipment up against the market-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-03
The phenomenon of Pinduoduo gave rise to the 2018 economic buzzword 'consumption downgrade'. With lower prices and innovative social consumption concepts, Pinduoduo’s development speed in the past three years has shocked the economic world. People are even more popular among young people: 'Put a lot of shopping, go out and share bicycles' to illustrate the degradation of people's livelihood consumption. Another argument about the phenomenon of Pinduoduo is that this is not a consumption downgrade, but a consumption grading in consumption upgrades. So, is household consumption really downgrading and slowing down? The technology of automatic labeling machine was the first blow molding process developed abroad that can be used to produce Head u0026 Shoulders shampoo packaging bottles, and has gradually developed in the fields of injection molding and blister after many years. Bogao Logo introduced this technology before and after and launched the first fully automatic labeling machine in 2018. From the perspective of the products produced by the automatic labeling machine system, a large part of it is used to produce large containers such as paint buckets, because the 20L paint bucket has a large volume, a long injection cycle, and the daily production capacity of a single machine is limited. Paint production companies such as Sanye Paint and other packaging barrel suppliers often need to purchase multiple automatic labeling machine labeling production equipment at one time to meet the supply needs of customers. A small amount is used to produce yogurt cups or ice cream cups and lids for various cold drinks. The food packaging industry in this period was generally relatively simple, with paper cups and blister cups still occupying a major position. The market share of in-mold packaging in the food packaging field that can better reflect the overall consumption level of residents is not large. Since 2017, the production line of fully automatic labeling machine equipment has undergone great changes. Milk tea cups of various specifications were born, occupying half of the in-mold equipment market. At the same time, orders for in-mold paste production equipment such as yogurt and ice cream cups have also increased significantly. We know that, unlike the popular domestic milk tea made with various flavors for a cup of several yuan, the new round of milk tea craze has spawned milk tea drinks such as Xuncha, Answers, Funeral Tea, etc. That are real milk and All kinds of seasonal fruits are accompanied by high prices. High consumption also drove the upgrade of tea packaging, and the exquisite label milk tea cups also occupied the market for the first time. From the product customization changes of the automatic labeling machine equipment, we can easily see that the current domestic consumption pattern will be more appropriate to describe the consumption classification in the consumption upgrade. As Kuang Xianming, Director of the Economic Research and Development Institute of the China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute pointed out, 'Spend the most reasonable price, buy the most suitable products, consume rationally, and live a smarter life.' Rather, it is rational consumption and environmentally friendly consumption. It is like the introduction of an automatic labeling machine to label milk tea cups in a milk tea shop. Although it will increase the purchase cost of tea cups, the milk tea cups produced by the automatic labeling machine process can better enhance the brand image of the product and avoid the heat transfer process. Pollution caused by secondary processing may bring potential food safety hazards. The current 'consumption downgrade' caused by the hot discussion is not so much the external manifestation of the domestic consumption index decline, but rather a channel for the people to vent their negative sentiments. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods in the first seven months of this year was 21,075.2 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year, indicating that the overall situation of China's economy is good. Whether it’s consumption downgrading or consumption grading during consumption upgrades, occasionally you can eat instant noodles with mustard pickles. You can drink two or two Guotou, and you can drink a cup of milk tea. In your free time, sit down and talk about Pinduoduo or consumption increase. This kind of life is actually pretty good. It is such a high-tech company dedicated to the development of in-mold automatic labeling machines. In recent years, the in-mold labeling machines that have been involved in the manufacture involve multiple industries. In terms of in-mold labeling, many domestic companies have chosen our The production efficiency of the in-mold labeling machine has been significantly improved, and our in-mold labeling machine has also been highly praised.
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